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Help with sizing when for bra size swimsuit please

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Lambzig Sun 10-Jan-16 11:36:14

I am a bit confused about how to consider bra size for swimsuits. I take. 30ff bra size and have bikinis tops in that size which fit well. I normally take a 12 in bikini bottoms. Looking at 30ff swimsuits they seem to be a size 8, so to get one that fits my bottom do I need to get a 34 E size? Or something in between like a 32F? Or am I a weird shape and should forget it and just buy a size 12 swimsuit? I am looking at Freya if that helps.

They tend to be relatively stretchy at the bottom - I'd maybe try a 32 first and work from there. I doubt you'd need to go as big as a 34, I have a Panache 34 and my ass is much more that a size 12 grin

Lambzig Sun 10-Jan-16 15:01:39

Oh thank you, That's so helpful. I will try a 32f then.

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