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white stuff seriously need to sack their designers

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whirlybird42 Sun 10-Jan-16 08:32:54

New collection email came through this morning. Had a quick browse and it's like looking at the littlewoods catalogue circa 1990.

Everything is shapeless and patterned - in vile prints. Nothing is properly tailored so the dresses even make the models look stocky. The tops either hit too high up or too low so they're frumpy. The knitwear is fussy and horrible.

The only things on there I would consider buying are the plain charcoal tights, the navy linen shorts and maybe a plain long sleeved cotton top. And only with a discount.

I remember white stuff when they did plain clothes or the odd nice print in lovely muted colours. It's all just bloody hideous these days and so expensive.

DatsunCherry Sun 10-Jan-16 09:07:57

I stopped buying a while ago when I realised the quality is crap.

chicaguapa Sun 10-Jan-16 09:12:48

I find the quality ok, but I agree it's shapeless and not flattering on the models, let lone ordinary folk.

I have a waist (it's all I've got left) and stopped buying lots from there ages ago. Other than the long sleeved tops which are good for layering and wash well. And I like the scarves which aren't too bad with 15% off.

LindyHemming Sun 10-Jan-16 09:32:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

merrymouse Sun 10-Jan-16 09:42:00

I agree. It started off as a shop for active people of both sexes who were fashion conscious, if perhaps a little Sloaney.

Now it designs for women who want to conceal their problem bits and apologise for their presence by hiding behind patterns.

PacificDogwod Sun 10-Jan-16 09:54:42

I remember WS when it was cool - yes, I am 200 years old grin

'Tis crap now sad

Leigh1980 Sun 10-Jan-16 10:01:00

Particularly this

LindyHemming Sun 10-Jan-16 10:02:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dudsville Sun 10-Jan-16 10:07:10

I haven't shopped there for ages but popped after the sales while waiting to meet a friend. Huge discounts meant I tried on loads of things but I only left with one structured top, good material, has become a wardrobe basic and at £15, but I was really disappointed at the shapes of everything else.

whirlybird42 Sun 10-Jan-16 12:09:49

Yes, I remember white stuff did used to be cool! It's evolved into the younger sister of country casuals over the past 15 years.

Even the models look sad in the clothes now.

I used to shop in there most months and had lots of little cardis, v neck jumpers with the odd subtle button detail (like whistles used to do) and some nice wrap dresses. They didn't have all the nasty patterned tunics.

Xh once sat next to someone very senior, may have been the ceo from white stuff on a long train journey and she said at the time that we (professionals in our early 30's at the time) were their absolute target market. Now I think they're aiming at the grandparents who want to dress youthfully market. And the people who want drapey clothes to hide the bits they're self conscious about.

Floisme Sun 10-Jan-16 12:22:07

Well if they seriously want to attract my demographic they need to give a little more thought to shape, structure and fit. My body is quite floppy enough without my clothes doing the same.

The two things I would say in their defence are that they still do 100% cotton and that they're normally a beige and black free zone. But that's it. Such a shame as I loved them when they were just a shop in Cornwall that did mail order.

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