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Primer recommendations and advice please

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Vobble Sat 09-Jan-16 12:14:56

The winter is making me look shit (and tbf it might be that I'm wrong side of 40!)

So I've decided to up my game re make up etc. Watched loads of Lisa Eldridge and I've bought some new eyeshadows and brushes. All good.

However, I need advice re base. I think I need to use a primer then tinted moisturiser. But when I do, it makes me look worse, my pores seem to be more visible when using tinted moisturiser or foundation than when I don't. I get better results with tinted moisturiser than foundation.

Where am I going wrong? I want to look dewy but instead look a bit older. Any recs for primer? (Tried cheap ones, clarins flash balm and similar).

And also - my eyes are beginning to be a bit hooded (family trait) what's the best way to make them look better too?

Thanks smile

Kennington Sat 09-Jan-16 14:15:00

I use Clinique pore refining Matt hydrater on nose and forehead then Dior glow maximiser around the eyes - which Glows so go easy

With these two I find I only need a tiny bit of concealer or tinted moisturiser
Both are pricey but I use everyday and they have been going for over 1 year now

ggirl Sat 09-Jan-16 14:23:28

best primer ever ime , and I've tried loads , is Makeupforever from debenhams etc.. here great for open pores but doesnt clog

I use the green one for reducing redness is so fab I can wear it alone with a smattering of bourjois powder

HortonWho Sat 09-Jan-16 14:31:57

I've been using Becca shimmering Perfector for 3 months -it looks very shiny out of bottle but then when I put my foundation on top, the shimmer is gone. I just have a glow, I'm told. I did half my face once to compare and without it I look tired like I've not slept while with it I look more rested and healthy. Worth the money. I also tried Eve Lom which retails for £40 but at the moment sells for £15 if you buy it as part of this £45 sale Perfector package at space nk. It's not shimmery on, but it does actually give me a lovely glow too. So if you sometimes go without makeup, then you might like Eve lom better. The package also includes cleanser (sells normally for £55) and another cream (retails separately for 75!) so it's a huge bargain. If you don't use the others, you can always sell them on eBay apart and make enough money to buy the Becca primer again :-)

HortonWho Sat 09-Jan-16 14:38:43

Oh and I use bare minerals original on top for foundation. It doesn't cake or dry and I've been using it for over 20 years now (started off wih oily skin but after pregnancies and age, now have dry skin but still prone to breakouts). The powder works great as you can control coverage well, and doesn't cake. I've also started using hourglass ambient lighting under foundation after watching YouTube and the youngligs rave about it - and it really makes a huge difference to achieving that rested, natural glow unlike blush which just looks like blush on your face.

Vobble Sat 09-Jan-16 16:51:54

Thank you 👍 I'm going to Clinique tomorrow for a sample of the matt hydrator. That perfectors package looks fab and I really like the sound of the Becca and the ambient hourglass lighting - I'm going to look on youtube for that! Ggirl, I'm sure dd1 has that primer from debenhams - will mooch through her make up!
I've spent a lot of money on new brushes, shadows etc - think I'll also have a trip to space nk.
I can see how this make up thing can get expensive!
Thanks so much, any other recs for making me rediscover my youthful complexion gratefully received!

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