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5'3"pear shape size 12 - what jeans do you wear

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Jemster Sat 09-Jan-16 10:26:35

Please help. I'm so tired of ordering jeans online & having to send them back for not being quite right.

I am 40, 5'3" size 12 with a muffin top which I need to work on to reduce. I am fairly pear shaped as my waist is smaller and then have bigger hips but slim tops of legs/thighs.

I want jeans that do the following:
Don't cut into my muffin top
Don't leave muffin top hanging over top
Are not skin tight as these make my legs look like carrots
Are not too long
Fit into my long boots without looking all bunched up.
Do not go all baggy
Are not jeggings material

The most flattering jeans I've ever had are bootcut style but these don't work when it's peeing with rain & need to wear long boots.

Any suggestions please as I have tried so many pairs!

Chocolateteabag Sat 09-Jan-16 14:32:20

I am a bit taller than you but similar shape (5'9) - I have high rise boot cut from gap which both fit round my waist and bum well.
I have then resorted to getting other jeans that fit my hips and legs taken in at the waist by my local tailor.

Boden have some straight leg jeans in their sale and new bit which may work for you? I think straight leg are better than skinny when not wearing long boots, but can still get them into longs boots

Neffi Sat 09-Jan-16 15:08:28

Boden slim boyfriend jeans

I've just bought these and I love them although I sized up as I don't like my jeans too tight below the knee. Am 5'3" and pear shaped.

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