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Come and style my 13 year old!

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ChipsandGuac Sat 09-Jan-16 00:12:33

So, she's going to a BM evening party next weekend (not the ceremony. That's family only). We've bought her This Dress It's longer on her as she's 5'7. She has long hair so it will mainly cover the cut outs on the back, but it suits her anyway as she's slim and tanned from a recent holiday.

Anyway, we're struggling to find the right shoes. Any ideas? She's only just 13 so don't want anything overly high. She can't walk in high heels anyway. Wedges would be ok, I guess. She doesn't want completely flat shoes, unless she goes with the Converse route, which she'd prefer not to.

It will also be freezing cold so cover up ideas for getting there and coming home gratefully received!

Hatethis22 Sat 09-Jan-16 00:21:43

I feel very old looking at that dress.

UntilTheCowsComeHome Sat 09-Jan-16 00:25:27

Either of these styles any good?

LeotardoDaVinci Sat 09-Jan-16 00:29:10

My 13 year old would settle for the first picture but only if they had pointy toes and maybe thinner straps - tis the nod towards grown up sophistication that heels would deliver otherwise.

(We had this argument discussion recently and hammered out the agreement of no heels but pointy toes as a compromise - as long as they are flat-ish they are not too old looking I think)

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:30:21

I'd go wedges but I wouldn't go black. Is there a colour scheme? If not it it is black and white then go neutral. Match with a hair accessories/jewellery etc

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:36:55

Also do you have a budget?

ChipsandGuac Sat 09-Jan-16 00:42:04

I showed her a pointed toe version of those flats and she wrinkled her nose. Leotardo I also thought pointed toe flats would be a good compromise but we haven't found any she likes yet. For all her bravado, she also REALLY loves to be comfortable. If shoes rub her at all, she decides she hates them.

Figwin There isn't really a budget. Whatever will make us both happy is fine!

ChipsandGuac Sat 09-Jan-16 00:42:44

And no colour scheme as far as I know.

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:45:49

I'm about to bombard you with photos...

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:46:49

Lot one

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:47:13

Lot two

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:47:48

Lot three

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:49:00

What I would suggest is width of heal is as important for comfort as height. A high heal with a wide heal can be more comfortable and easier to walk in that a low thin kitten heal

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 00:57:34

Last lot and now I'm off to bed but will check in tomorrow to see if we are any closer. Good luck x

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Sat 09-Jan-16 01:18:48

Op my dd went for quite a chunky heeled pair for her Xmas dance.

Check this link out, she could get a coloured pair and match it to a nice jewelled necklace in the same colour.

You will be able to find a nice little blazer in her size in like zara or next or if she is like my dd we just ger her a ladus size six or eight and in petite if necessary.,5020

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Sat 09-Jan-16 01:21:37


H and m also do nice little peplum jackets that would be nice or a funky kimono if you go for coloured heels that incorporates the dress and shoes colour.

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Sat 09-Jan-16 01:22:46

homebythesea Sat 09-Jan-16 09:22:30

My DD (15) wore a v similar dress to a recent formal family do and wore ankle boots with a chunky heel along these lines

Added bonus us she wears them with jeans etc too. Very walkable

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 16:59:28

Any luck?

ChipsandGuac Sat 09-Jan-16 18:16:41

She likes the idea of wearing bright shoes with a bracelet in a similar shade so we're getting somewhere!

SoWhite Sat 09-Jan-16 18:26:57

I really like the black ones in Figwin's lot three.

Figwin Sat 09-Jan-16 19:16:55

Any colours in particular? Or even multi coloured?

I love shoes blush

If the evening part is all indoors she will probably just want a shrug/bolero, cardigan or a wrap. She might want a nice coat to get there in but not a huge issue if if matches

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