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coconut oil OMG :)

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MiniTheMinx Fri 08-Jan-16 19:22:25

I started using coconut oil for pulling...oh it's hideous and I'm left with a huge jar of virgin coconut oil.

So two days ago I researched using it for cleaning and use as a moisturiser and eye cream.

Today I look in mirror expecting to see my usual dry skin and a few wrinkles under my eyes. I'm amazed...the papery lines have disappeared and a deeper line (caused by allergy/sinus/puffy eyes has almost gone too shock

Has anyone else any experience of using coconut oil, good or bad? In the meantime I just wanted to share because it might be suitable for others. I also reason that £11 of this stuff will last 6 months, so Creme de le mer can stuff their cream grin

Howdidthathappen1 Fri 08-Jan-16 20:02:47

I love the stuff. Try it as a hair treatment as well - has saved my bleached hair. Slather on and sleep (with towel on pillow). Need to put 1 st shampoo on before you wet it and shampoo again. But shiney swishy hair after. I use it for cleansing face - it takes all make up off easy. Body moisturiser. I haven't tried it for teeth as don't really fancy that

MiniTheMinx Fri 08-Jan-16 21:20:19

Thank you. Yes I will definitely try it on my hair, it's very dry. I have a coconut body butter but when that's finished I think I will use the pure oil. The manufactured body butter is really very sweet sickly smell whereas the natural oil is more subtle.

PurpleDaisies Fri 08-Jan-16 21:22:58

Glad it works for you-it brought me out in the worst spots I've had since I was a teenager. Ah well, we're all different. smile

SirChenjin Fri 08-Jan-16 21:28:28

I use it on my hair too. Just a small amount on wet hair, and my dry, frizzy hair has never looked better - to the extent I've had compliments (which is a first). Five pounds for a jar from Aldi - wish I'd known about it years ago, could have saved a fortune

ThePinkOcelot Fri 08-Jan-16 21:36:09

I will have to give it a try. I think B&M had jars in for less than £2.

CointreauVersial Fri 08-Jan-16 21:39:22

It is one of the most comedogenic oils - i.e. most likely to block your pores - so watch you don't get spots.

Good for nails and hair, though.

LindyHemming Fri 08-Jan-16 21:39:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SirChenjin Fri 08-Jan-16 21:41:46

No - just a mild whiff of a tropical paradise grin

MiniTheMinx Fri 08-Jan-16 21:42:49

SirChenjin, do you leave it in your hair?

I bought mine in Holland and Barrett. It was two jars for the price of one, or buy one and one for a penny or something. Its a huge jar though. Might look in Aldi, but Aldi here is grim! don't know why because in other areas it is said to be very good.

JoyceDivision Fri 08-Jan-16 21:44:11

lots of people swear by it but it made me very spotty... also with fine hair it made it really lank...

But wish it did hav ethe miracle effect it has for others!

SirChenjin Fri 08-Jan-16 21:46:01

Yes, I just leave it in my hair. It goes hard when cold, so I heat it with the hairdryer until it liquefies a bit on top and then smooth a little bit through wet (not damp) hair. Don't go overboard though - very easy to end up with greasy hair, so less is definitely more. Our Aldi is brilliant - they do seem to vary a fair bit.

MiniTheMinx Fri 08-Jan-16 21:46:02

CointreauVersial, I am worried about open pores. I don't have open pores but I did when I used other moisturiser, then swapped to creme de le mer, which sorted that out. Day two, so far so good. I don't get spots. Have plenty of other issues but no spots.

I think it smells quite nice.

Behooven Fri 08-Jan-16 21:47:04

It's really good for stir fries as it burns so hot. It doesn't leave a coconut flavour on the food either.

MiniTheMinx Fri 08-Jan-16 21:51:26

I watched this vid on you tube to get the idea about the pulling. It was suggested that you dip tea spoon in jar and then put the oil into your mouth when its hard and then chew it...ew...that actually is the worst bit. After a couple of minutes it isn't too bad. My teeth don't look any whiter, but I only did it for a few days. I am psyching myself up to try it again. What it did do though is make me feel nauseous for a few hours after and give me a headache, which apparently is the detoxing. Its grim though.

PurpleDaisies Fri 08-Jan-16 21:57:54

Good news for you mini... oil pulling has absolutely no scientific basis at all so you can use your coconut oil for nicer things.

MiniTheMinx Fri 08-Jan-16 22:30:42

PurpleDaisie I shall have a look thank you. Yes I am not certain about the dubious claims made by unqualified Drs of Hokus Pokus medicine, but I thought I would try. I can say one thing about this pulling gives people a headache and I have a thumping head. That bit at least is probably an empirical claim smile

Im sorry it didn't work for you as a cream. I am 41 though and my skin is much dryer now. I think if I have done this years ago it may have caused spots. If it does cause me to get spots I think I might just try the smallest bit just as eye cream because it seems to be working.

Read some claims that it rebuilds collagen?! but again I wonder if this can be proven.

CointreauVersial Fri 08-Jan-16 22:37:06

I love cooking with it, though.

Wagglebees Sat 09-Jan-16 00:31:02

It makes a great lube. Possibly tmi but I'm too tired to name change.

waitingforgodot Sat 09-Jan-16 08:23:05

For those using it as a hair treatment, do you put it on wet or dry hair? Do you put it on ends of hair or all over?

WelshMoth Sat 09-Jan-16 08:27:05

SirChenjin, what hair type do you have?

Leigh1980 Sat 09-Jan-16 08:27:39

I tried Coconut oil but it didn't work. It created my own concoction which works really well and I don't have a single wrinkle and my brow lines have gone 😄 Basically I put on a layer of 97% pure aloe Vera gel in a tube on my face then on top of that a layer of Nivea Creme in the blue tin. It's unbelievable and Nivea Creme has basically the same ingredients as Creme del a mer. I'm 36 now and still no wrinkles.

Leigh1980 Sat 09-Jan-16 08:28:10

I created not it created 😳

PurpleDaisies Sat 09-Jan-16 08:30:59

I can say one thing about this pulling gives people a headache and I have a thumping head. That bit at least is probably an empirical claim

I've never read that anywhere else. smile Headaches aren't a sign of "detoxing". Detox claims are total bunkum-that's what your liver and kidneys do. There's absolutely no evidence at all that oil pulling does anything other than mechanically removes bacteria from your mouth, which is done better and much less unpleasantly by a toothbrush and mouthwash.

Leigh1980 Sat 09-Jan-16 08:31:36

What is pulling?

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