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Help I look hideous

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Gotosleep123 Thu 07-Jan-16 23:19:55

8 months post DC2 (still BF if relevant). My skin is awful, lots more wrinkles, blotchy plus keep getting whiteheads everywhere particularly around my mouth. Nails falling apart and I have developed dry itchy patches on my knees (I've never had dry skin before)

The only make up I own is a cheap mascara and a foundation given to me by my (despairing) DM.

Please please recommend good face products/supplements/make up to damage control my ugly mug!!smile

burnishedsilver Fri 08-Jan-16 00:00:42

Following this was a game changer for me. It's worth reading if, like me, you don't know where to start.

Tate15 Fri 08-Jan-16 08:30:36

Vaseline rubbed into nails at bedtime will very quickly give you lovely nails.

Panoxyl for spots followed by a good moisturiser.

hippospot Fri 08-Jan-16 08:36:50

When I was bf I was very run down.

Unfortunately diet, sleep and regular exercise will all make a big difference to your skin, but might not be easy!

Start with diet if you can - more water, nuts, seeds, olive oil, fish, avocado, veg, wholegrains. Less sugar, fried food, coffee.

Someone may come along who can help with more skincare advice.

I really like the hot cloth cleansers from Superdrug, which are cheap, and a decent daily moisturiser for your skin type (I like LRP or Avene as they are suitable for sensitive skin).

What is true is that with a young baby you probably don't have time for anything too complicated. For me a thorough cleanse and moisturise twice a day was good - regular if not fancy smile

Brisk walks with the buggy to get some fresh air and exercise?

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 08-Jan-16 08:48:43

I heard of Paula's Choice products on here, I'm very happy with them- you can search the products suitable for a skin "condition" eg dry/acne/rosacea etc.

RavenQueen Fri 08-Jan-16 10:01:02

I've started to do a double cleanse but with Soap and Glory products. Their hot cloth Ultimelt is lovely and there was a couple of pound off in Boots the other day. My skin does seem better for it

Elizarome Fri 08-Jan-16 10:04:25

Second the diet, sleep and exercise advice. Don't underestimate the power of simply staying as healthy and hydrated as possible and yes, I definitely notice my skin looks better when I'm eating lots of foods containing oleic acid (olives, avocados, macadamias, almonds, pistachios etc.).

Apart from that, make sure you wash morning and night with a good (not necessarily expensive) cleanser, and then I like to rinse with fresh cold water (helps to close your pores). Then use a toner (apply to a cotton pad and sweep over face) and finally moisturiser that suits your skin type - again, make sure you do this morning and night.

I really like PHB products - they're a cruelty-free, handmade in the UK, vegan company so tick lots of ethical boxes and reasonably priced. I also scrub with a natural exfoliator twice a week - personally I'd strongly recommend avoiding ones with plastic bits in and go for something like peach and willow bark (Burt's Bees does one). Try using it in the shower, because the steam really augments the pore-cleansing properties.

Hope that helps!

Gotosleep123 Fri 08-Jan-16 10:08:12

Thanks for all the suggestions, they have given me some good ideas to get started. Quite excited about it now!

Fab website burnished, I'm about to go through it now for pointers

I'd not heard of the baseline trick, i'll give it a go

Walks are never brisk with a toddler in tow grin but I do definitely need to find time to exercise

I notice paula's choice do trial sizes, perfect!

Thanks again!

specialsubject Fri 08-Jan-16 10:08:12

check up at doctor for skin conditions, low blood count etc. Nail problems indicate something inside is wrong.

eat properly. Not supplements, food. Only take supplements if doctor finds a problem.

get lots of sleep - yes, right, problem with that...

slap and farty french stuff will do nothing.

BabyGanoush Fri 08-Jan-16 10:14:49

yes, see if you can start having time for yourself (hard when BF)

I promised myself a weekly personal trainer session for a year after BF-ing (a year!) and having had NO time to myself at all.

Could not afford that now! But it was nice to get "back on track", it's not that I became amazingly fit and toned but it was good to have time to myself written in stone, and made me appreciate my body and what it had done and to treat it well, with good diet (not calorie controlled, just "good" in terms of nice food) and exercise etc. I have upped the exercise and kept it up smile

Even going for walks with baby in buggy (if you're not flooded! Bloody rain) or sling are great.

Exercise, fresh air and nice food. Be kind to yourself, and make-up and clothes you can sort out bit by bit. I have found Soap and Glory to be the same quality as Benefit. A bit of eye liner (their kohl pencils are ace,very good colour, very soft and easy to smudge/blend) and concealer, and sparkly earrings is what I do grin and a bit of lip colour or balm.

And a nice haircut! I go to the best hairdresser I can afford. Just for a good cut. It's nice waking up with decent hair.

VenusRising Fri 08-Jan-16 10:16:08

Hi gotosleep,
I'd say FIRST, start from the inside and make sure you're healthy.
Have you had a blood check? Dry skin like this can be a sign your thyroid function isn't quite right, so make an appointment for a blood test with your GP.

SECOND, take a very good quality multi mineral and vitamin like pre and post natal SOLGAR for women.
Pregnancy and bf are hard work for the body's resources as well as being exhausting!

THIRD, Make sure you're drinking enough water, and try and get enough sleep. Go to bed as early as you can.

FOURTH use a mild non soapy cleanser in the shower . I used emulsifying lotion or aqueous cream. These come in big pots cheaply from the chemist. Might be good for your baby too!

spaceyboo Fri 08-Jan-16 10:34:35

white heads can be 'cured' by regular exfoliation provided you cleanse and moisturize daily.

I cured my brittle nails by taking Vit B supplements.

JoyceDivision Fri 08-Jan-16 21:26:20

water and sleep isn't a glam solution but it will boost your skin and overall appearance.

Have abig glass of water by yourbed, glug it back when you wake up. Get washed, go downstaors, glug another big glass... basically chug loads of water and try to hit the sack at a reasobale time, even if to read to wind down... sort your basics out and you'll feel batter and can then look at other bits you want to improve.

I started after christmas trying to drink loads more water and it does help.

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