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Curl product distress (again)

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Mij Thu 07-Jan-16 08:53:33

So, managed to buy a stock of Naked Style Gorgeous Curls before it all disappeared, but now about to run out. I swear they do it on purpose. Used MOPs curl cream before (discontinued) and before than Tigi's Curl Jam (discontinued). Is there some kind of vendetta going on?

Every time I lose a product I spend a bloody fortune trying out stuff that doesn't work - I don't want crunchy and stiff or shiny-slippery (that actually weighs my big loose curls anyway and does nothing to 'define').

Anyone a former Gorgeous Curls user who has found the perfect replacement? I'm very low maintenance but without some kind of product I just veer wildly between Crystal Tips and persian-cat-caught-in-a-downpour.

Destinysdaughter Thu 07-Jan-16 10:14:55

Have you tried Boots pink curl cream? It's pretty good. I know it's frustrating when you find something that works on your hair and they discontinue it! I had a fab cream that Jason's used to make and then they stopped it!

EmilyPunkhurst Thu 07-Jan-16 10:23:17

I like label.m curl cream. It's neither crunchy nor slippery. It's ££ but it lasts forever, so I think it's worth the investment.

NotNowBono Thu 07-Jan-16 10:35:39

I love Aveda Be Curly cream, proper ringletty curls, no crispiness and a lovely smell.

Mij Thu 07-Jan-16 19:23:24

Thanks everyone, yes tried Boots pink stuff before and didn't get on with it. I'll check out the others, thank you smile

Mij Thu 07-Jan-16 19:29:55

NotNowBono I can't see one that calls itself a cream. Am I being dim? If it's the enhancer there's no way I'm going to start drying my hair, diffuser or no diffuser. Is it still worth it if I air-dry? It's pretty pricey in comparison to the Naked Style stuff.

NotNowBono Thu 07-Jan-16 19:50:11

Aveda curl cream I use this, and similarly, there is no way I'm going to start faffing around with a diffuser. It only reminds me how very very old I am since I had one back in the 80s

My hair's very dry, so I run a squirt of oil through it when it's soaking wet (Liz Earle hair oil, or Umberto Giannini Hair repair stuff), then a small dollop of the Aveda cream and leave it. Lots and lots of curls. It's not cheap, but it lasts for ages and it's the only one out of literally dozens of curl creams I've tried over the years that does anything at all for my hair. But everyone's hair is different!

The other one I liked was Bumble & Bumble curl cream for fine hair - also pricey but good.

Doje Thu 07-Jan-16 19:55:34

I've settled on Trevor Sorbie Curl Cream. They changed it a whole back and made two, strong and light hold and i ise the strong hold one.

I find it de frizzes without being greasy or crunchy and takes seconds to apply.

Destinysdaughter Thu 07-Jan-16 23:28:31

Why are people against using diffusers? If used correctly, they're brilliant!

Destinysdaughter Thu 07-Jan-16 23:30:43

There's also a range of products called Devacurl ( on Amazon) specifically designed for curly hair. I see a hairdresser who's trained in dealing with curly hair and that's what they use in the salon. ( was created by the woman who wrote the Curly Girl Handbook)

cardoon Fri 08-Jan-16 07:10:42

I have tried all of the above but did not have much success - this works best on my fine curly hair

Doje Fri 08-Jan-16 07:28:49

Destinysdaughter how do you use a diffuser correctly?! Mine just leaves my hair a big bushy mess.... blush

ilovetosleep Fri 08-Jan-16 08:18:38

I have very curly hair that looks terrible if I don't diffuse. I use Togo curls rock cream on very wet hair, just one pump on shoulder length hair, then diffuse (again, from very wet) with a huge, deep professional diffuser with my head down and hair hanging into it. Don't move the diffuser around, just hold it in one place for 3 or 4 mins then move to the next spot, scooping in a load of hair each time. I then do the back while my hair is hanging backwards and I make sure I dry the whole head properly with the drier. Also a decent parlux hairdryer makes a massive difference on a mid setting. It has transformed my hair and I am left with soft bouncy ringlets full of volume.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Fri 08-Jan-16 08:44:17

I've never found a curl cream that works for me so I've been using Schwarzkopf Invisible Hold mousse. I was getting it from the hairdresser but Feel Unique is a lot cheaper. The can is huge and lasts me for ages.

Mij Fri 08-Jan-16 12:29:04

DestinysDaughter - nothing against diffusers (I do own one), I just don't have time to style my hair of a morning in any way other than twisting curls together to stop them frizzing. And I don't care enough about the small amount of difference it makes to give it any time or effort.

I also (like lots of curlies) have dry hair. I only wash every 2-3 days and drying it, however gently, will just make it worse.

Love2dance Fri 08-Jan-16 18:51:14

Giovanni Direct Leave in. It's very light but moisturising. No silicones either. British Curlies stock it and if you try and like it, it comes in a 1 litre version, so cost effective too.

angelicjen Fri 08-Jan-16 19:10:18

Another fan of Devacurl here. The gel is great. It seems like it's dried crispy at first but once you give your hair a shake you get lovely bouncy curls. It sometimes appears in TKMaxx and is in Amazon.

museumum Fri 08-Jan-16 19:19:11

Aveda curl cream is great but pricy. It's best I have found.

Destinysdaughter Fri 08-Jan-16 19:36:01

I know curly/wavy hair is a nightmare in the morning! My hairdresser diffuser my hair with hot heat, then medium heat and then left to dry naturally. ( which you could do if you were in a car, not so easy if you have to go out into the cold with semi wet hair!)

bean737 Fri 08-Jan-16 19:43:44

Foxy Curls by Tigi Bedhead? My hairdresser uses this, it smells lovely and doesn't leave hair crispy.

ShortyShortLegs Sat 09-Jan-16 00:15:54

Have you tried Brazil Nut Define No Frizz from the body shop? I love it, defines, not crunchy or heavy, I use it after Grapeseed Glossing Serum and my hair is in great condition now even though I am growing out bleached ends. They have 30% of at the moment with code: 19805.

LovelyFriend Sat 09-Jan-16 01:24:40

I'm also still mourning the discontinuation of the NAKED curls cream sad

boots stock ORS/Curls UNLEASHED hair milk now, which is ok-ish but it is VERY strongly fragranced.

Mij Sat 09-Jan-16 10:07:09

There clearly needs to be some kind of product bank. We put one of everyone's go-to product in a box, and send it to whoever needs to find a replacement. They try each, decide what's best, send it to the next distressed person who's favourite stuff has been discontinued.

Cos I want to try them all now but that's a LOT of £££. Thanks for all the suggestions though. I should try asking on FB to see if anyone local has any I can try a dollop of!

LetMeDriveTheBus Sat 09-Jan-16 13:55:45

I'm still trying to find a replacement for the amazing naked range sad. My hair is rubbish a day after washing now and it makes me very sad!

I've spent SO much money trying different products over the past few months but nothing works.......waaaaaah!!!

Potterwolfie Sat 09-Jan-16 14:10:31

I have a load of part used tubes of curl cream which I've tried and then not liked...happy to send them to anyone else who wants to try them, I don't just want to throw them out.

I have curly hair, lots of it, but the individual hairs are quite fine and so anything too heavy just weighs it down.

Best products are Osis velvet curls and the Boots pink cream, left to dry naturally and then diffused when almost dry, to give some lift and bounce.

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