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Hermes Evelyne Bag

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MadameOvary Wed 06-Jan-16 19:35:22

It is my perfect hands-free bag - but not the perfect price unfortunately. Does anyone have one or anything similar? I made the mistake of trying one on at the weekend and now DP is trying the lottery. grin

Secretly hoping you lot will put me off it so I can stop obsessing over it

Larastheme Wed 06-Jan-16 19:57:59

I had one, in rouge garance, then replaced it with the Berline bag in gold,I prefer the Berline, the Evelyne is nice and you can fit many things,but i did find it heavy ,and sits very awkwardly on the hips, the berline which can be worn crossbody too, feels much lighter and can be secured with Kelly straps, a word of warning hermes bags are very addictive ,I bought a birkin a few months ago, and recently bought a vintage 70s Kelly,

MadameOvary Wed 06-Jan-16 23:05:30

Thanks for your comments Larastheme, I have just had a look at the Berline and it looks good but not as simple as the Evelyne. Did you have the PM or MM or GM?

shedragon Wed 06-Jan-16 23:54:20

I have an Evelyne. Yes it's useful, and I find it very comfortable to carry, but that lack of zip is a real design fault IMO (tho it's probably a travesty to say about a Hermes). Security is an issue. Other than that I love it. It's a few years old now. Use it lots, it holds quite a bit of junk and I get plenty of complements.

Larastheme Thu 07-Jan-16 08:50:06

madame, its was MM 29cm, another bag is the halzan, my friend has one,and it can be worn cross body or double tie the shoulder strap to wear it on the shoulder , or keep the shoulder strap long, very versatile, roomy,and is secured with buckle,

Chloe do a beautiful messenger bag in the marcie design too,

MadameOvary Thu 07-Jan-16 12:17:16

Thank you shedragon that's good to know!
Larastheme the Marcie is lovely but I do love a wide strap!

citychick Thu 07-Jan-16 12:52:37

I am currently lusting after one. But what colour? And are they big?
At 5ft 2" many lovely bags look to big on me.

Does one go muted in the brown / grey tones, or all showy in the brights ?

And Are the X body straps long, even when pulled short? I am short bodied so that does not help.

( a few yrs back I bought a mulberry Anthony. Sent it back as it flapped around my legs.) sad

MadameOvary Thu 07-Jan-16 12:57:56

citychick I am the same height as you and the 29cm model is perfect too damn perfect actually
As for the colour, depends on your palette. Black and silver all the way for me!

citychick Thu 07-Jan-16 13:04:47

Oh God, that great bad news...
Ah so there are say, 2 sizes?
I have been " researching" them a bit on the likes of Pinterest. I am too scared to go into a Hermes, not because I am intimidated, but because I am terrified that I will so easily be talked into buying one...

I am not a black bag girl, I am a navy/ brown/ charcoal wearer...

First world problems, eh?! blush

Larastheme Thu 07-Jan-16 13:41:47

city, I bought the red Evelyne because I thought it would be nice to change from my usual neutral colours, it turned out Im not a red bag girl, burgundy yes, but red is too out of my comfort zone, I would've loved it more if I found one in natural barenia or gold, but the issue with Evelyne bags is they mostly produce them in seasonal colours,and very few in permanent netueral colours, so neutral ones Are sometimes hard to find, specially in smallers stores,like my local one,

LinusLovesBretons Thu 07-Jan-16 13:47:44

lara a saw a small cobalt Evelyne in November in the Rue Faubourg St Honoré store on my way out and I would have gone back and enquired about it if DH hadn't been with me tutting at the price I paid for my cashmere scarf

If the right colour comes along it might be my next bag, I would love a red one actually but I am fussy about my reds. grin

citychick Thu 07-Jan-16 14:28:39

Thanks. It's such an investment, I really want to get it right as and when I do bite the bullet.

I love the idea of the bright colours, but honestly see myself purchasing a year round colour. saw a navy one the other day and it was lovely.

Have also seen one in"donkey" brown. It was very elegant. I am sure Hermes have a much more sophisticated name for the colour.

Decisions, decisions....--I really don't need a new bag--

MadameOvary Thu 07-Jan-16 14:47:58

City It is a ridiculous amount of money for a bag but I believe that's ok if it lasts a lifetime (yes I demand that much). Eight years ago I paid £255 for a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses which are still going strong and suit me just as well as they did back then.
I'm too fickle for seasonal colours when I know I'll always go back to black!

citychick Thu 07-Jan-16 15:26:48

Yes, I agree. I demand a lifetime of use from any pricey purchase. And why not? I know some ladies who clear out each season, but I simply cannot do that. I love scarves and have a few Hermes. They are much loved and used.

I do not invest in sunglasses as they end up being sat upon or found in pieces at the bottom of my bag. I would love to think that someday I could own a fine pair that might remain intact! grin

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