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Acid toners

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28Limes Wed 06-Jan-16 11:56:03

I read that I need to use an acid toner. But how do I know which brands are acid? - sorry if being really dim. Currently use the Simple one in the green bottle. Is that acid? confused

MitzyLeFrouf Wed 06-Jan-16 12:01:13

I don't think the Simple one is. Read the ingredients list and look for glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

Naicecuppatea Wed 06-Jan-16 13:41:52

Here is one toner

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 06-Jan-16 14:25:10

Pixi Glow is the most praised one (I haven't tried itthough)
M&S sell it.

PurpleDaisies Wed 06-Jan-16 14:30:15

I've got the Ren clarimatte one after seeing it recommends on here (also available via m and s). It is really worth the money, far fewer spots and my skin feels much smoother.

superbfairywren Wed 06-Jan-16 15:15:01

Am loving the pixi glow tonic but I think any glycolic toner would do the job.

WickedWax Wed 06-Jan-16 20:13:47

I found Pixi ok but a bit overrated.

I prefer Bravura Calendula toner.

LexLoofah Wed 06-Jan-16 21:16:05

depends what you want to address i.e is it acne or dull skin etc, Caroline Hirons blog has a cheat sheet on acid toners that sets it all out as you might need AHA's or BHA's depending on your skins needs

I did not like La Roche Posay Effaclar, PIXI Glow is so-so, I like the Bravura ones and Nip & Fab pads as well as Rodial Dragons Blood one

Don't just stop with toner though, look for serums and moisturizers and even cleansers with hylauronic acid (?sp) which holds moisture in the skin - am now an acid junkie after a thread on here last summer!

scandichick Wed 06-Jan-16 21:37:35

Just make sure you use high SPF with it, as acid toners make your skin extra-sensitive for up to a week after use.

mrslebon Wed 06-Jan-16 21:52:08

I use the REN clarifying toner and am pleased with it. I'll definitely re-buy.

Nettletheelf Wed 06-Jan-16 22:57:28

Pixi Glow in the morning (glycolic) and Clinique clarifying lotion mild (salicylic) in the evening. Skin has never looked better.

ConesOfDunshire Thu 07-Jan-16 00:18:13

YY to Clinique clarifying lotion mild. Make sure it's the mild, opaque one though - the others contain a lot of alcohol and are horribly drying.

BritabroadinAsia Thu 07-Jan-16 00:53:52

Nettletheelf - can I ask why you use the two different types of toner that way? Have been using mine with salicylic acid both am and pm, so wondered what the thinking was behind that?

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