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Blouse - dye or sell?

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AstrantiaMallow Wed 06-Jan-16 10:28:20

I got a really nice blouse for Xmas, great fit, I love the shape and detailing. Only problem it's 'forest green'. The colour doesn't suit my skin tone at all, and I don't like the shade. It was bought in another country, by a lovely relative who sent it. I can't return it. I'd like to wear it if I could dye it black.

It's 100% viscose, hand wash only. It has quite an expensive, delicate look. I've never dyed anything before. Is it possible to do this without ruining the garment? I have other blouses from that make which I have machine washed on a cold wash and they're fine.

Looked at Dylon in a store but feel none the wiser as the only black they had was for jeans.

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