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Disastrous Sales Shopping!

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lavendersun Mon 04-Jan-16 20:40:18

I'm not much of a clothes shopper (hate it actually) and consigned several items to the charity clothes bank before Christmas leaving my wardrobe fairly short.

Tend to wear the same sort of things most days, black jeans/trousers, shirts, vest tops, cardigans. Have a few nice items and wear them out/to death.

Most of the stuff I binned was from Jigsaw/Hobbs.

So, I ordered 9 things in the JL sale - usual brands, thinking that four or five would be fab - collected them today and I don't like any of them, not one item, not even the two White Stuff nightshirts which are too short in the arm and length.

A bit fed up - not sure where to go next. Sizing was odd too, most too big (usual size), the shirts I got rid of were more fitted than these, this was one of them:

Looking for recommendations.

slondonmum Mon 04-Jan-16 20:53:47

I like Gant though it's pricy even in the sale

rookiemere Mon 04-Jan-16 20:59:02

Most of the stuff in the sales is there for a reason so that's probably why you're getting dodgy sizing and ill fitting garments.
I love a bargain myself but I've tried to wean myself off sales shopping and actually buy what I like and need when I see it, can usually get 10-15% discount voucher online which is as cheap as some of the sales anyway.

FlatOnTheHill Mon 04-Jan-16 21:05:11

I always go to a shop to buy my clothes. Never online. The disappointment when the wrong size or you dont like it is awful.
What size are you? Are you buying for your shape.
Im 48 and my shape has changed alot. I went to Bluewater at the weekend and bought some lovely sale stuff in Massimo Dutti. All,cream,colours for spring too. All half price. I tried them all on though. Also half price necklace from Hobbs.

lavendersun Mon 04-Jan-16 21:11:43

I prefer to shop online, live rurally and find online easier to fit in, anyway can't drive/move much atm due to surgery on Boxing Day.

Yes, buying for my shape but the shape of the things I have bought bears no resemblance to the stuff I like/trying to replace.

10/12 with a waist depending on shop. My shape hasn't really changed tbh apart from my lower half getting smaller with more cycling. Small bust defined waist.

My old clothes fit so I don't think my perception is the problem here. Oh well, I won't be going out much in the next six weeks anyway so I have plenty of time to browse online!

SwedishEdith Mon 04-Jan-16 21:14:25

Do you look like the model? Because, otherwise, that's a pretty unflattering shirt. I agree that most stuff is in the sales for a reason. I still succumb though - never learn.

lavendersun Mon 04-Jan-16 21:15:52

Thanks slondon, I like a couple of things at Gant.

FlatOnTheHill Mon 04-Jan-16 21:45:37

Gant is nice. Have to agree with SwedishEdith. The shirt very unflattering. You sound fit and slim OP. Plus if you have had an op on Boxing Day and laid up for six weeks that's not going to put you in great frame of mind. Rightly so.
If you like fitted shirts TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt do nice fitted ones. They are not all formal, a lot with patterns and prints. Lovely quality too.
Wishing you better soon thanks

lavendersun Mon 04-Jan-16 21:49:54

Thanks Flat - I used to wear TM Lewin and Thomas Pink shirts for work, every day for many years and am not sure I can go back grin.

I do like some of the the Gant shirts though - think I am going to go for two or three of those for now.

Yes, very little change in my body (48 this year) apart from a blip when I took steroids for a couple of years, took a while to get back to normal - but I do a fair bit of exercise .... not for the next six weeks though.

slondonmum Mon 04-Jan-16 22:15:17

Gant is very good quality and nice classic styles ... have bought several tops and dresses from there in the past ... I quite like J Crew too though i work near its Regent St store in London so easy to try things on

lavendersun Mon 04-Jan-16 22:16:48

I used to wear a lot of J Crew when I lived in the US but haven't looked since they opened their stores here - maybe I will.

slondonmum Mon 04-Jan-16 22:19:07

Hope you recover from the op quickly Lavendersun

lavendersun Mon 04-Jan-16 22:26:36

Thank you slondon - a very annoying and completely unexpected appendectomy which was sadly not keyhole!

I feel like I have been run over by a train and the plethora of antibiotics is making me feel rotten.

So online shopping is sort of a necessity!

Had a quick look at JCrew. Your reminding me of Crew reminded me of my Banana Republic habit too but there is nothing I like there.

I really like some of the Gant shirts though so thanks again.

FlatOnTheHill Mon 04-Jan-16 22:52:39

I always wore Thomas Pink when I worked in the City Of London for donkeys years. I still like all the less formal ones now with jeans a blazer and pumps. Banana Republic is lovely too.

CreviceImp Tue 05-Jan-16 00:00:48

It's worth having a look at Jaeger outlet as there are some absolute bargains on there and additional money off at the moment.

I bought a £400 coat for less than £60.

Kittykatmacbill Tue 05-Jan-16 00:03:46

That shirt isn't a million miles from a gap boyfriend shirt
I think the boyfriend is a little more fitted though but cheaper...

lavendersun Tue 05-Jan-16 10:12:15

I do buy from Jaegar Outlet crevice, in fact am awaiting delivery of a coat and two pairs of trousers smile, for less than £100. I find their shirts a bit short in the body. Am 5'8" and think my torso must be longer than they expect it to be!

I never do very well with Gap for some reason Kitty, I return everything I order for one reason or another.

I have ordered three Gant shirts, hopefully I will like them.

Me too Flat, a square mile veteran.

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