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Good bosy shape for tummy

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lilli30101968 Mon 04-Jan-16 11:00:13

Hello could anyone recommended urgently where to find a good brief or body shape to tuck my tummy in wearing a fitted dress need tummy to go in . thanks for suggestions

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 04-Jan-16 15:06:36

If it's a dress then would you want big pants or a slip?

I've bought the apple or pair knickers from Sainsburys (depending on if you're an apple shape -round your tummy , or a pear- round your bum )

I have a slip from M&S for the very rare dress wearing.

You can get the ones that go below your regular bra (so you don't get the flattened look )

Or Spanxx. I;m sure you can get them from TKMaxx.

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