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Weight gain around middle, what to wear?

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Jemster Sun 03-Jan-16 06:15:28

I have put on a few pounds around my middle and am planning to tackle this.
In the meantime I just don't know what to wear.
Jeans feel uncomfortable if they're too tight but I want a style that will fit into my long boots. Very skinny just don't suit me so would slim/straight work with the boots?

Due to weight gain most of my tops
are too tight and look very unflattering. I orderd loads from Gap sale but they just hang off me and are shapeless and I feel such a frump.

Basically I am 5'3" have small shoulders &
waist but largeish boobs & tummy.
I just can't find anything that is comfortable & flattering.
I either feel like a bulging sausage or a sack of spuds!!

Please can anyone offer some advice as although I plan to tone up this is still my basic body shape &
i have no idea what to wear anymore.

TwoInTheMourning Sun 03-Jan-16 06:27:13

These trousers from Gap are slim but very stretchy and crazy comfortable as well as being flattering and casual without being scruffy:

You can get petite although I don't know what size you are, they haven't got mine sad.

SitsOnFence Sun 03-Jan-16 06:31:26

I'm afraid this advice is likely to be neither stylish, nor beautiful, but I find myself in a similar situation and have temporarily stopped wearing skinny jeans as I looked like a walking lollipop!

I have switched to leggings with a dress over the top with my long boots, and straight cut or boyfriend style jeans and trousers with tailored hip length tops with flat shoes/converse style trainers as none of my old styles seems to suit anymore.

My problem seems to be that I've only put the weight on my upper body, so wearing clothes that visually add a couple of inches to my hips/bum seem, bizarrely, to make me look thinner.

Jemster Sun 03-Jan-16 10:54:50

Thank you for the ideas, dresses sound like a more comfy option.

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