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Next Skinny Jeans

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CookieDoughKid Sat 02-Jan-16 00:57:59

I'm usually a size 10 in jeans but sometimes an 8. However, I found Next skinny jeans (petites) run really small!! I had to buy their size 12. I think it's the fact I'm more pear shaped with athletic thighs sad
Is it just me or can anyone else over 30 able to fit into Next skinny jeans comfortably?

StillMedusa Sat 02-Jan-16 01:10:42

I wear their high waisted ones ..two buttons at the waist. The 'lift slim and shape' ones are true to size.. I'm a standard ten and they fit brilliantly. I'm 48 and not superfit but have a wide backside and they cover it nicely.

RedMapleLeaf Sat 02-Jan-16 08:16:46

I absolutely love Next's skinny legging jeans and am currently rotating three identical pairs blush I'm an over-30 size 8 and find their 8L fits fine. The only problem is that they go baggy quite quickly but then they would if I'm wearing them every single day

amitha Sat 02-Jan-16 08:23:05

I'm usually a 12 and i have size 8 in the next skinny jeans. I think their sizing is just very inconsistent! Love my size 8 jeans though... Even if i know its not really true!

VivaVegas Sat 02-Jan-16 08:27:34

I find their standard jeans come up large but that their lift, shape and slim are true to size. I get an 8 in standard but a 10 in the lift ones.
It will depend on your body shape though and might be worth you looking elsewhere as others may fit better.

TeaPleaseLouise Sat 02-Jan-16 08:27:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CreviceImp Sat 02-Jan-16 11:04:47

Anything relaxed is oversized by about two sizes.
I did find when I bought their most recent plain black skinny jeans that they are sized very small for Next so it isn't you.

littleleftie Sat 02-Jan-16 11:25:12

Yep, same as Crevice the black skinny jeans are a size smaller than the indigo ones. Makes you scream!

Shantotto Sat 02-Jan-16 11:29:47

I've been trying various next jeans in the tall range and they all after a few hours wear sag terribly at the knees!

It's so frustrating. They are practically unwearable. I'm trying an 18 as I'm sure the 16 would just be that bit too small, but 18 seems a little big. I don't have many jean buying options as I need the tall cut.

TheFairyCaravan Sat 02-Jan-16 11:32:25

I'm over 40. I'm an 8, my Next skinny jeans are a size 6. By lunchtime I can take them on and off without undoing them. Next sizes are ridiculous and unreliable.

snowypenguin Sat 02-Jan-16 11:47:42

Their sizes are shocking. I got the 2 button lift and shape ones. I got a pair of straight leg and a pair of skinny. One are a 10 and the other are a 12!

CookieDoughKid Sat 02-Jan-16 16:06:23

Ah. Glad it's not just me then. To be fair, I have worn regular straight leg jeans in past and was a consistent size 10 then (and I was heavier!). But their jeans, even the same cut can be so different in sizing bought again 6 months later!!

mumsnit Sat 02-Jan-16 16:22:47

Found the same with the petite range skinny jeans - also had to buy a 12 when normally size 8-10. They've lasted and washed well though - better than the non petite ones I bought!

Next sizing is really inconsistent - I could never buy online as would end up taking most of it back!

CookieDoughKid Sat 02-Jan-16 16:27:55

mumsnit I think its also the fabric. It's not so forgiving!

burnishedsilver Sat 02-Jan-16 18:01:06

You could take 3 of the same size and style into the fitting room and find they're all different.

Whathaveilost Sat 02-Jan-16 19:12:46

I am a just about 14. I'm 50 and I have 4 pairs of next skinless 3 in a 12 and 1 in a 14. They al look the same on!
I love them though.

ouryve Sat 02-Jan-16 19:16:30

They're better shaped for apples.

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