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I need a haircut, but I don't like hairdressers

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Scone1nSixtySeconds Fri 01-Jan-16 10:04:37

And I am not doing the MN haircut again

I haven't had a haircut in, erm, 3 years. Long story short, had a tres bad experience with a salon and bleach, followed by crappy health problems that meant I literally couldn't sit down for long enough and then basically a breakdown last year.

All of which has left me 4 stone heavier than I am comfortable with (but now doing something about) and hair that is touching my bum.

How do I find a hairdresser? How? How do I make sure I don't come out wanting a sob? Or gin. Because I am telling you that salty gin isn't a patch on salty tequila.

For you who are wise and groomed and have got this stuff sorted out, I am in awe. Help me wise ones.

I live in the touristy parts of the West Midlands.

BrianButterfield Fri 01-Jan-16 10:07:32

Are you on any local Facebook groups? People tend to be very honest in their reviews on those pages and often recommend less flashy, more friendly salons that would probably suit you better. Or even a mobile hairdresser.

Scone1nSixtySeconds Fri 01-Jan-16 10:09:34

Thank Brian but I am not on fb.

Tch. I used to be able to do this. Must.Woman.Up.

MrsRonBurgundy Fri 01-Jan-16 10:11:32

You need to go on recommendations of people who live near you. You also need to be really really clear with your hairdresser about what you want and if it isn't right when finished, tell them and ask them to correct it.
Once you have a good one, stick with them. I follow mine from salon to salon because she knows my hair.

jelliebelly Fri 01-Jan-16 10:13:01

Ask around local friends - agree Facebook is great for this kind of thing - you need personal recommendations. Would you be more comfortable with a mobile hairdresser coming to your home? Might be worth considering.

NoMilkNoSugar Fri 01-Jan-16 10:13:27

We use a mobile hairdresser and she is great, as I also hate the whole salon experience. The only downside is I have to kneel over the bath to have my hair dye washed out, I keep a couple of towels especially for when she comes, which I don't mind getting ruined by hair dye. She was referred my a friend, so might be with asking about if anyone can recommend one.

Meandyouandyouandme Fri 01-Jan-16 10:16:14

I hate having my hair done, fortunately, one of my friends is a mobile hairdresser, so she cuts it. Having said that I haven't had it cut since February! Am having it done next week as its getting too long and is getting really knotty.
See if there is a mobile near you. At least you don't have to spend an hour looking at yourself in a mirror, like in a salon!

Meandyouandyouandme Fri 01-Jan-16 10:16:43

Cross post smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 01-Jan-16 10:22:08

I don't like having my head touched , so I usually ask for a spray and dry cut (my hair is short so I have to get over the grr feeling to have it cut every 5 weeks). If I go in with freshly shampooed and no product hair, it's fine.

But the whole experience..............hate it.
I don't like the music, the facing the mirror, the noise.
I go on a whim, so I use those No Appointment salons (the SuperCut ones)

I would have a mobile hairdresser but I'd need to plan it , and that doesn't work for me. If I plan a day, my scalp will be irritated that day (stressy psoriasis )

How much are you planning to have cut Scone . If it;s bum length, maybe go elbow length ? Or bra strap?

Orangesarenot Fri 01-Jan-16 10:46:33

You could try googling for wedding hairdresser specialists in your area? Good ones are likely to get reviewed online, they are usually willing to come to your house, they should be use to dealing with nervous/stressed people, and they should be good at dealing with long hair.

Scone1nSixtySeconds Fri 01-Jan-16 12:20:36

I thought I might get it to shoulder length. It's such a pain this long, and the bottom 12 inches or so is the bit that got savaged by the Aussie hairdresser with a bleach fetish.

I am not sure a mobile hairdresser would really work because the puppy would be sitting on my knee trying to help.

I did my own hair for my wedding and my own makeup due to skinflintedness (my own). I have never really taken any proper care of myself - I suppose I hoped that someone would say "Toni and Guys! That's the ticket!" And then I wouldn't have to think about it grin

Thankgodforthat Fri 01-Jan-16 12:36:54

Why don't you go somewhere just for a trim and a tidy up and see if you feel comfortable? You can then go back for a consultation to discuss what they could do next time.

I go to a local senior citizens salon because it's friendly and cheaper than the city salons and after I got fed up of listening to the conversations about Botox, spray tans and nights out on the town and realised I didn't fit in. The quality of the haircuts was no better either. In fact I had to go back once for a free appointment with the manager to put right a lopsided cut.

I avoid the hairdresser when I can too and do it myself in between so completely understand. Mine is way overlong too.

NoMilkNoSugar Fri 01-Jan-16 14:29:04

Hey OP, Toni and Guy, that's the ticket! - they'll do it all for you and you won't have to think about it grin

Scone1nSixtySeconds Fri 01-Jan-16 15:17:06

nomilk dyathink?


Marvellous. I must make an appt immediately, if not sooner.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 01-Jan-16 21:01:48

T&G made me stand up to have my hair cut when it was long (I used to have bum length years ago)

All that money and I had to stand.................................... hmm

I'm sure those seats could go higher.....

PitPatKitKat Sat 02-Jan-16 11:10:26

Unisex barber. Same skill level, less fuss. No bleach/dye options.

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