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What would you wear to a winter wedding?

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BuggersMuddle Thu 31-Dec-15 19:03:14

Looking for some inspiration. The venue is a country house - whole event is taking place there, so no church service to consider.

No dress code is mentioned on the invites & I haven't a clue whether the wedding party will be in morning dress or suits (I would say anything else is unlikely).

DP was going to go with kilt, which I suspect is probably okay, although he might will probably be the only man there in one as it's in Wales hmm

My day-to-evening dresses wardrobe is a bit bare for winter as I tend to be either in suits / skirt and sweater for work or dressed casually. I have a couple of Missoni long sleeve fitted dresses which I love, but DP has suggested they might not be dressy enough for a wedding / a bit loud colour-wise (and I suspect he's probably right). Everything else I own is either black, monochrome or body-con - none of which scream wedding.

So what sort of thing would you wear to a winter wedding in a country house? Are hats / fascinators expected when it's all in one venue?

Nonidentifyingnc Thu 31-Dec-15 19:12:22

Just been to a winter wedding. I wore black satiny ( not shiny but with a slight shimmer) skinny trousers and a long sleeve shimmery top and a fitted jacket. No hat or fascinator.

BuggersMuddle Fri 01-Jan-16 16:52:13

Thanks non. Hadn't considered trousers, but I do have some nice jackets that could work.

I have since established that the wedding party (men) are in lounge suits. So that nixes the kilt and probably means I don't need to be quite as formal as I initially thought (wouldn't have thought a hat would be appropriate in the circumstances).

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