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Eyebrow Lift/Facelift

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LoopyDroopy Thu 31-Dec-15 18:25:28

Has anyone had one or looked into having one?

I'm mid 40s. I've always had heavy, overhanging eyelids, even in my 20s, and I feel that as I've got older it's really ageing me and it's only going to get worse.

I'm not overweight, am physically fit and strong, have good skin which I have always looked after. I don't want to look half my age; I just feel that people with deep, visible eye sockets rather than overhanging eyelids do tend to age better. I'm sure it's starting to affect my vision a little, although this could be in my head.

I'm not afraid of surgery, having had more than my fair share of operations, and I do know what the risks are, so I'm not asking for advice on that or horror stories. It's just something that I at least want to look into. I'm in Surrey, so if anyone can recommend a surgeon or two... I'm not sure if I would need just a brow lift, or that and some skin removing from my upper lids.

Thank you.

LindyHemming Thu 31-Dec-15 19:12:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

liinyo Thu 31-Dec-15 20:33:09

I haven't had any surgery myself (too scared of the GA) but a lot of friends and aquintances have and one man that always seems to do good work is Brent Tanner who works in the Surrey/Kent area. There are loads of links to him if you google him. I have seen nose jobs /breast uplifts/implants and tummy tucks he has done and have only seen great natural looking work (we attended a gym with a communal changing room so nothing was private!). I got as far as booking a consultation with him once with a view to having a breast reduction but chickened out!

Ooogetyooo Thu 31-Dec-15 23:44:51

Have you looked into botox for this area? I have similar problem and I am going for a consultation in a couple of weeks but don't know if Botox can be done for this problem area or if it's more suitable for wrinkles and crows feet etc.

KanyesVest Thu 31-Dec-15 23:54:52

My mum had her eyelids lifted over the summer and she's thrilled with the results. She's late 60s and in the last 5 years her eyelids were drooping so low they were causing problems with her peripheral vision. She looks more awake now, rather than "had work done". Her op was done under sedation, although it could have been done with just local and Valium. She was very sore for about 24 hours, but fine after that. Lots of bruising but looked "normal" after week, once the stitches came out. She regrets not doing it 10 years ago, and not getting her under eye bags done at the same time!

LoopyDroopy Fri 01-Jan-16 09:52:33

That's interesting Kanye. So was it a brow lift with scars in the hairline or just eyelid skin removed? Do you know how much it cost and where she had it done?

Noeuf Fri 01-Jan-16 09:55:18

My mum paid about 3.5 for upper and lower to bupa about two years ago. Removal of skin on upper lids. Looks good but she was quite conservative about it.

ProjectPerfect Fri 01-Jan-16 10:00:05

I've always had slightly droopy eyelids and last year started getting Botox to lift the eyebrows. The result is subtle but I'm thrilled.

You need to go to a really good doctor as Botox in this area can do more harm than good but might be worth a consultation

LoopyDroopy Fri 01-Jan-16 10:18:24

Thanks. I did try Botox once, about 2 years ago, but it didn't really help.

LoopyDroopy Fri 01-Jan-16 10:40:28

Does anyone know of a cosmetic surgery forum?

KanyesVest Fri 01-Jan-16 10:43:11

Loopy, it was just skin removed from her eyelid, not a brow lift. We're not in the UK, so no help on the price or surgeon I'm afraid.

Heyheyheygoodbye Fri 01-Jan-16 10:50:49

My DM had the same as Kanye's, and it was on the NHS as it was affecting her vision quite badly. A bit of bruising afterwards but it did make a big difference and she still looks like herself. I've got the same eyelids so will look into having it down myself in future - probably privately as the NHS won't pay for it by then I expect!

LoopyDroopy Fri 01-Jan-16 10:56:55

Thanks guys. It's so frustrating as I do look after myself. I drink loads of water, I exercise, I eat well etc. Sleep has been a bit of an issue as I have been dealing with some historical family shit over the last couple of years. But I do everything in my power to take care of myself. But I think stress plays a big part, and I feel I look so tired and brow beaten all the time because of my eyes, when actually that is not how I feel. I feel better than I have in decades, emotionally and physically. But how I look does not reflect this.

burnishedsilver Fri 01-Jan-16 11:09:11

I have the same problem. I tried having a 'botox brow lift'. I'm really pleased with the results. It a subtle difference but it's very noticeable to me. It will last about 3 months. Apart from how I look, I feel more awake.

burnishedsilver Fri 01-Jan-16 11:10:00

Also, I've been using a retinol eye cream. I honestly think it's helping.

LoopyDroopy Fri 01-Jan-16 11:55:43

Perhaps this is completely irrational, but botox actually scares me more than surgery. The results seem unpredictable and with the little amount I had before (administered by a consultant dermatologist I've known for many years) I felt a bit aware that I'd lost some movement in my forehead.

burnishedsilver Fri 01-Jan-16 12:33:35

I can't figure which muscles are effected. I feel that I have full movement but yet my brows are slightly lifted.

I'm more afraid of the surgery because it's permanent. I'll probably do it at some stage because I might not be able to see past my eyelids in 30 years!

AnotherTimeMaybe Fri 01-Jan-16 12:43:00

I have the same problem and although DM did the operation and it was brilliant (they cut skin they didn't raise the eyebrow!) I'm really scared to do it

burnishedsilver what cream are you using and where did you do your Botox?

Rainbowglow Fri 01-Jan-16 14:43:31

As I am too nervous to have surgery I am thinking about investing in one of those gadgets - the one I am thinking about is called Nuface and you can get an add on attachment that can be used specifically for the eye/lip. The main machine lifts (if it works) cheeks and jowls and eyes. Has anyone tried it?

Noeuf Fri 01-Jan-16 15:27:12

As it's an excess skin problem I'm going to invest in surgery and save the money I could spend on Botox for this. I hated Botox so much although it made an okay difference. I hate my saggy eyelids more - it's ageing and makes eye makeup less fun.

KanyesVest Fri 01-Jan-16 15:34:11

Another thing my mum noticed is that the weight of the excess skin flattened her upper eyelashes, so now she has to curl them to stop them sticking straight out at a right angle from her eyes!

burnishedsilver Fri 01-Jan-16 15:50:33

Another, the cream is LRP Redermic R eyes. Its taken around 5 months but I'm convinced they look better for it. I was a bit over enthusuastic in the begining and was using the facial Redermic R on my eyes but had no ill effects from it.

I'm not in the UK so the botox clinic wont be of any use to you, sorry.

LoopyDroopy Fri 01-Jan-16 16:19:57

I have used LRP Redermic eyes for about 6 months. I love LRP!

AnotherTimeMaybe Fri 01-Jan-16 23:32:33

That's brilliant thank you! Seems good price as well!!
OP if you decide to go ahead can you let us know? I'd love to see a picture of before and after!!

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