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Buying a winter coat after the winter sales have finished....

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ForSaleChesterDraws Thu 31-Dec-15 16:06:24

Ok. I'm stupid. Most of the coats have sold out in the winter sales and I realise I need a new one. I'm 5'4" and a chunky 16 on the bottom half.

I need something that is waterproof, covers my bottom, has a hood and is smart enough to wear at work. I don't like fur around the collar and would prefer a navy/ grey/ plum.

Should I just stop searching and buy the Seasalt Janelle as it fits the brief and gets great reviews on here? Or can I do better?

TheUltimate Thu 31-Dec-15 16:52:07

I was just about to suggest Seasalt! I have the Tiller coat in Olive and its fabulous.

hooliodancer Thu 31-Dec-15 17:36:43

Janelle is my top buy of this year! It has been perfect for the weather. I love it.

I have it in squid ink. My friend has it in black, and I think the black looks smarter, as a work coat.

It has been worth every penny. I love it to bits!

mejon Thu 31-Dec-15 19:37:20

I've just bought the Seasalt Northstar. Slightly padded, good hood and about knee-length on 5'2" me. I got cactus green for a change but it comes in a brightish blue and a charcoal/navy too. Even better it was almost half-price.

ForSaleChesterDraws Thu 31-Dec-15 19:46:42

Mejon- how warm is it?

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Thu 31-Dec-15 21:48:36

Yep, another recommendation for Seasalt. I've got the shorter one, I forget what it's called, but it's a lovely fit, it's really quite warm and it is properly waterproof.

ForSaleChesterDraws Fri 01-Jan-16 11:11:09

Ok. I've ordered-

Janelle Ladies Jacket Colour: Aubergine,

Northstar Ladies Jacket Colour: Squid Ink,

Didriksons Brisk in midnight.

All with free delivery and free returns so hoping one is good enough to keep.

mejon Fri 01-Jan-16 11:12:19

No idea how warm it is yet as it only arrived yesterday, sorry. It's not overly padded and has plenty of room to wear layers underneath. I was more interested in getting something long enough to keep my legs dry that wasn't as bulky and too warm like the Lands End coat i have. It is the winter version of another coat they do so it should be warm.

hiccupgirl Fri 01-Jan-16 17:49:15

I tried on the Janelle in our local Co-op which has a small Seasalt concession. It's a lovely coat but at just under 5' 4'' it was way too long on me especially at the back. The North Star was a much better length but they didn't have my size. I'd be going for that one if I had the spare cash. Instead I got a nice parka half price from Fat Face.

SuckingEggs Fri 01-Jan-16 18:38:11

Wore my Lands End down coat by the very windy seaside today for the first time. Amazing coat. Looks a bit meh, but isn't too bad (plum colour). Worth every penny.

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