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Grrr Origins have made me so grumpy!!!

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Cuttysarky Thu 31-Dec-15 14:39:54

I was SO excited to buy a plantscription gift set from the Origins website in the sale on Boxing Day, was reduced from £60 to £20 but with a worth of £128(apparently!)
The only thing I bought in sales, was feeling very pleased as I did need the type of products in the set, and was such a bargain!
However! After receiving an email from them yesterday saying my order was despatched, today I received an email saying the set was out of stock!! I was obviously outraged! And then! Doorbell rang, a large box arrived from Origins filled with shredded cardboard and a small toiletry bag which was meant to be free as part of the offer! And they're meant to be environmentally friendly etc etc, the box was huge! Angered me even more.. And it took them five days to let me know, couldn't tell me when they packaged up the ridiculous box filled with nothing?!
I have obviously sent them an angry email, but don't suppose there's much else I can do, I just REALLY needed a rant!
Thanks for reading... Oh, if on the off chance anyone has seen a similar kit in sales for cheap(natural-ish serum, face cream etc), that would be awesome to have a recommendation!

chumbler Fri 01-Jan-16 06:25:52

That was nice of them to still send the free gift

BumWad Fri 01-Jan-16 06:41:16

The packaging waste would piss me off too. Companies are terrible for it

Cuttysarky Fri 01-Jan-16 09:23:38

Yes bumwad, it really bothers me, amazon are awful for it.. Chumbler I know what you mean, but they didn't even email me on the day they sent the bag, and it's not something I need either.. I just wanted the products to put IN the blooming bag!! Ah well. Still scouring for similar deals...

I'm now hoping they send my order!! I ordered some Ojon shampoo with a code for getting the conditioner free (wouldn't buy it otherwise!) Although by the time I'd gone through checkout (code stayed in my basket for days) although it worked at checkout it had disappeared from being advertised on their site..

Fingers crossed.

Anyway, have a look on Look Fantastic. They do Origins stuff, do the same offers as them plus have frequent discount codes and freebies (only reason I didn't get the Ojon there was they were out of stock)

They've got a sale on at the moment too and there are a few Origins sets I spotted

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