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Another capsule wardrobe thread

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Clockstooticky Thu 31-Dec-15 09:28:27

I know it's been done to death but I need help because I'm overweight but always forget that I am, so I try and buy things which look good on thin, stylish women and end up looking like a sausage.

So, I'm working on my weight, I'm currently about a size 16-18 (but I'm a 12 in my head). I'd say I don't actually look that big if I dress well though. I've got a great waist and reasonable boobs but apparently gigantic thighs as that's where my clothes don't fit.

I've just kondoed my wardrobe so am down to bare minimum and I'm looking to only buy lovely things which last. My black skinny jeans are from Dorothy perkins and have seen better days (they're now crappy grey and a bit baggy) so I'm happy to replace them I've got a pair of M&S skinnies which I always get compliments on. But that's kind of it for trousers.

I'm usually an idiot for buying in places like matalan or tesco, which I always end up regretting so I need to move away from that. I'm a hcp so don't need any work wardrobe, just naice normal day, school run, coffee drinking hanging out clothes.

Clockstooticky Thu 31-Dec-15 10:56:45

Oh, so my point is... Where can you get nice basics for plus sized women?

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