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Babyliss Curl Secret - anyone used it?

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whyistherumgone Wed 30-Dec-15 17:38:09

Thinking of doing my own wedding hair to save the pennies, got the Babyliss Curl Pods which I really like but not sure the curls will stay in for a whole day and evening. Heard good things about the curl secret but it's pricey so thought I'd see if any mumsnetters have got one and what they think? Or if you use something else to curl your hair - and it lasts?

burnishedsilver Wed 30-Dec-15 17:47:47

I have it but I haven't been able do anything wearable with it. It takes me a very long time to do all hair. The back is difficult to reach. The curls stay in all right but they are corkscrew ringlets and the roots stay flat. It's like a grown out perm. I've seen videos on you tube where it works well but for me it was a waste of money.

Teaguzzler Wed 30-Dec-15 17:59:29

I love mine! I only curl from about halfway down on the lowest setting and can get loose curls which last ages. It takes some practice and I tend to do it earlier in the day to let them drop a bit but I'm really happy with it. The look is similar to those curls hairdressers do with ghds but you need to be a contortionist to do on yourself smile

KittyOShea Wed 30-Dec-15 18:32:52

I've just used for the first time as a practice for going out tomorrow night.

Was very straightforward. Just used it on the middle setting as wanted to avoid too ringletty a look. Will have to see how long it lasts. It didn't take me too long but then I have mid length very fine hair. I'd imagine it's a lot more work with long and/ or thick hair.

As burnished said it doesn't do your roots but that suits me as I've a fringe!

whyistherumgone Wed 30-Dec-15 18:50:57

Yes, it's the ringlet-y look I was a bit worried about, I tend to look like a spooky victorian doll with ringlets - fine for Halloween but less so for wedding grin

burnished - hmmm flat roots wouldn't be great for me, I have quite fine hair anyway. I have such trouble getting curls the right shape AND staying put. Oh the woes of being a woman.

tea/kitty is there any particular technique you use for loose curls apart from not starting at the top? Do you have thick/fine hair?

ta for the feedback. I was hoping one of my friends would get one for christmas so I could try it before buying grin as they were talking about it but no luck!

KittyOShea Wed 30-Dec-15 18:57:04

I have fine hair. There are two heat settings- one for thick hair and one for fine. There's also 3 curl settings- loose waves, curls and tight curls. I've only used the middle one.

It is a kinda messy look which suits me but probably won't work as well for a wedding (although the messy look could be more to do with my technique first go round grin)

Orangesarenot Wed 30-Dec-15 19:02:35

I'm not saying you shouldn't try it out, but I'd practice lots. IMHO your wedding day is the one day you don't want to worry about your hair going wrong. I paid £150 to a really good hairdresser; this covered an hour's trial plus her coming to my house on a bank holiday Sunday to recreate the complicated vintage hairstyle I'd fallen for on the day. I loved my hair, and it still looked fab at midnight after a few wanders outside and hours of energetic dancing. If you think how much you're paying for dress, photographer etc, the amount you'll pay for a hairdresser is peanuts in comparison. I'd be more tempted to cut costs elsewhere I tried to cut costs by inviting less in-laws

whyistherumgone Wed 30-Dec-15 19:10:52

oh oranges would love to see that, sounds beautiful

Yes, I'm in a quandary about it really...I think I will probably end up going for a hairdresser and make up artist and trying to save elsewhere - I've had my eye on the curl secret and I think was partly using this an excuse to try it grin

did you have your make up done too?

whyistherumgone Wed 30-Dec-15 19:11:14

Thanks kitty - that's really helpful smile

Orangesarenot Wed 30-Dec-15 19:46:00

Yes I did. I paid about £80 (that included a bank holiday surcharge and getting the airbrush foundation and a free lipgloss to top up during the day). The airbrush foundation was awesome, it was a hot August day, we danced for hours, and whereas at 10pm everyone else looked sweaty, I wasn't even shiny (I have oily skin so this is miraculous). I totally recommend having hair and makeup done, if you think that you're probably paying quite a bit for a dress and photographer, it is such a good investment. I'm not naturally very pretty or confident, so I found it really relaxing having experts come to my house to sort me out during the morning. But if you're a girlier girl than me, you might be fine doing it yourself.

The actual photos would out me, but this was my hair inspiration (although a bit less pouffy!)

I hope you have an amazing day!

whyistherumgone Wed 30-Dec-15 19:54:12

Oranges I think you've convinced me thanks! grin

LOVE that hair, so beautiful and classic, bet you looked amazing!

Orangesarenot Wed 30-Dec-15 20:05:48

I wish I had the money to get them to come to my house everyday grin

TweedAddict Wed 30-Dec-15 20:10:10

I love mine. So easy to use, I can do my hair in about 5mins. For a more relaxed look I pull the curl down as soon as I unclamp, this leaves the hair more wavy. Also give the hair a good shake when done.
I personally like my hair on day 2 hair, but that's just me- my hair is very straw like and has lots of fly always I find these settle down on the 2nd day.

Once curled my hair tends to last about 5 days from really tight curls to a beach wave, using a bit of dry shampoo. I could never curl my hair normally as I am useless at that sort of thing (I can't even plait!) so this is a god send for me

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