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Wool coats - where to buy?

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SatsukiKusakabe Wed 30-Dec-15 17:22:44

My dh bought me a lovely coat from Mango for Christmas, but unfortunately it is double breasted, and it doesn't really suit my shape (hourglass). Better with single line, collar, bit of waist, bit of length.

We don't have much budget for clothes so he was very determined I should swap it for something I love. I have a padded coat and a waterproof but want something a bit less practical and smarter. Budget around £80, which puts me out of Hobbs, Reiss etc, but would like something a bit different to Next etc. I didn't see anything else in Mango I liked, does anyone have any suggestions/have a coat they love from somewhere?

Many thanks

SwedishEdith Wed 30-Dec-15 17:26:52

Uniqlo has lots of wool/wool blend coats - it's there in between all the puffa stuff

tribpot Wed 30-Dec-15 17:29:54

Lands End maybe? I have one of these boiled wool coats in more of a duffel style, I like it although the fabric is not as squidgy and soft as a regular wool coat.

fourkids Wed 30-Dec-15 18:10:14

Have recently bought four beautiful wool coats from tk maxx - four very different, very, very heavily reduced big label/designer label coats for me and three DDs. All were well within your budget.

I used to hate tk maxx with a passion - it used to be like a jumble sale, trying to sort through the crud in search of hidden gems, but these days it has loads of great stuff and I buy a lot of premium brands at low prices.

SatsukiKusakabe Thu 31-Dec-15 10:46:01

Thank you all - I never would have thought of Uniqlo swedishedith there's a couple of possibilities on there, just having a browse now.

Those Lands End ones are a great shape tribpot is the boiled wool very 'felty', as in does it pill easily?

I had the same experience in TK Maxx and haven't been for a while now, maybe time I give it another go, thanks fourkids. Only thing is I don't get much time to look around real shops (toddlers!) so harder to stumble across stuff!

tribpot Thu 31-Dec-15 14:51:47

It definitely doesn't pill, it maybe does feel a bit felty, though. I think it's pretty easy to send stuff back to Lands End if you want to give it a try.

lavendersun Thu 31-Dec-15 14:54:35

Jaeger Outlet - can be mumsy but not always - nice quality generally.,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_595853Z_color=20000&dwvar_595853Z_size=16&start=3&cgid=women-coats-outlet&srule=price-low-to-high

IMurderedStampyLongnose Thu 31-Dec-15 15:01:19

This is gorgeous in real life

IMurderedStampyLongnose Thu 31-Dec-15 15:01:35

Sorry for the mentally large link!

SatsukiKusakabe Fri 01-Jan-16 11:36:39

Thanks tribpot, I might give them a try. I only ask as I seem to be able to make clothes look scruffy incredibly quickly so I need a fighting chance grin

That looks really nice lavendersun sold out in most sizes though, but I'm going to have a look around the site.

I can see that would be lovely imurderedstampy, out of my budget though unfortunately.

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