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What incorrect fashion advice regularly gets doled out on here?

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BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 14:57:46

I am going for
1. Cut and colour. Not everyone colours their hair some of us only when we needed to at about 42
2. Wrap dresses and big tits

mudandmayhem01 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:02:32

Is that wrap dresses good or bad with big tits, I think the right one looks good on any build ( I have small tits btw)

WindyMillersProbationOfficer Wed 30-Dec-15 15:06:17

3. Vivien of frigging Holloway as a cure-all for all dress woes.

nancy75 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:09:40

Those 50s style dresses that are always recommended. I have never ever seen anyone in real life wearing anything like them, my friends would have me put away if I turned up at the pub wearing one

BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 15:12:47

PREACH about fancy dress vvivien of Holloway clothes




building2015 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:14:38

I always find it weird when people recommend ANYTHING without knowing the shape and personality of the person. I would look SHIT in so many things that look amazing on other people. And vice versa. I look frumpy very easily, other people look severe easily, other people look cuddly easily.

BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 15:14:42

that shoes with insects on them are ever suitable for work

SwedishEdith Wed 30-Dec-15 15:15:19

People who seem to think everyone has the same type of hair. So, their solution to all hair issues is stop dyeing and/or let it dry naturally. I don't want to look like this yet

Of course, someone will now post that his hair is lovely and there's nothing wrong with having hair like that. There isn't - I just don't want it yet.

YY to those 50s dresses. They look so cheap and fancy dress-ish. And only flattering on tiny, pixie-like frames imvho.

And leggings and a 'nice tunic'. Frankly, I'd rather go out naked.

BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 15:19:14

just saw a pair of leggings with a skirt made by isabelle oliver non pregnancy woman


I remember kids at work wearing those in about 1995.

SisterNancySinatra Wed 30-Dec-15 15:22:51

Got frizzy hair - never wash it, never dry it, never brush it (. Ok I'll put the bin bag back on over my head )

Redcrayons Wed 30-Dec-15 15:23:02

i haven't been on S&B since someone linked to those God awful quilted tent dresses from some Danish/Swedish brand, as an option for smart work attire. i think the same person recommended looking on garden centres for clothes.
Even my mum wouldn't wear garden centre clothes.

Im also always shock at the prices of a lot of the things people link to.

nancy75 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:24:42

Garden centre clothes? What the bloody hell are garden centre clothes shock

HortonWho Wed 30-Dec-15 15:25:10

All fashion advice is subjective and either crap or brilliant, depending on your viewpoint.

Advice what might best suit an individual, taken from someone who's never seen you, is just giving you ideas to explore rather than being accurate.

nancy75 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:25:16

Intrigued by the quilted tent dressgrin

mudandmayhem01 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:25:47

I know someone wears those 50s dresses, but hers look expensive. She also has flesh tunnel ear rings and quite a rockabilly look. She looks great, They would look ridiculous on me.

WindyMillersProbationOfficer Wed 30-Dec-15 15:26:06

I think the dresses can look ok if they're in one non-garish colour and aren't paired with schwarzkopf real red hair, victory rolls and 9 gallons of eyeliner (the ultimate 'I'm a bit quirky, me' look.)

I know it's a cliche to take the piss out of but the ubiquitous 'nice jeans, sparkly top, and heels' advice. How sparkly is sparkly?

Luckystar1 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:29:42

Those bloody Fly London boots (or whatever they're called. They are absolutely awful. Everyone was getting them for winter

SchnitzelVonKrumm Wed 30-Dec-15 15:30:13

YY on wrap dresses, make anyone with tits look like a sack of spuds.

fresta Wed 30-Dec-15 15:31:28

I don't know anyone who would wear dresses on that Vivien website- they are hardly mainstream fashion and would only appeal to someone quite 'alternative'.

mudandmayhem01 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:31:47

You just described my acquaintance, windy! She looks great and looks like she has lots of fun with her clothes and make up.

BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 15:34:54

Fashion aint Fun DONTCHA KNOW


BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 15:35:56

FLy london the same


stop with the Debenhams stuff

( and a personal HATE on skater dresses)

Greengardenpixie Wed 30-Dec-15 15:42:30

I hate 50's style dresses. Surely only women who do blogs where them for their photoshoots???? Very fancy dress. I have never seen anyone wear anything like that in real life. Agreed.
Lindybop for example yuk yuk yuk.

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