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can you get really SMALL insoles

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BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 14:03:31

I got these shoes in the sale.. but my feet are quite shallow and there is a space between the top of my food and the toe cover bit.
I am thinking a normal insole will show

Any ideas?

magicpuppy Wed 30-Dec-15 14:05:59

What about the gel half insoles? There used to be a brand called Party Feet. I'll see if I can find them

magicpuppy Wed 30-Dec-15 14:06:32


Deux Wed 30-Dec-15 14:08:47

You can get half insoles from any shoe shop. Some you cut to fit.

BrendaandEddie Wed 30-Dec-15 14:10:31

oh brilliant thanks
I am hoping these will save the shoes from being returned. The strap on the ankle is elasticated and there is a zip up the back so they are much easier to put on than normal

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