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Any New Years Resolutions- Style and Beauty?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 30-Dec-15 10:42:47

I don't do resolutions because I basically CBA can never think of any blush

But since the 100 Day Princessing to Christmas, I've taken on board some changes that I reckon I can carry on.

So, my Resolutions for 2016 (that I might have a Cat's Chance of keeping up............)

1: Keep my waxing up to date. Keep my armpits sleeveless-top-ready. All the time.
2: Keep up with haircutting, never let it get to the 6 week aaargh stage
3: A walk, not every day but maybe 3 times a week.
4:Wear my clothes, not just pull out what I see first. Today I am wearing black leggings and a new M&S leopard print top (very Kat Slater blush ) but I'm not going out today.

I will do a Wardrobe Cull this weekend and we're off ..................

Karcheer Wed 30-Dec-15 11:27:44


Yes I've a few.
1) invest more in clothes, I'm rubbish at spending money on myself so I'm constantly without anything to wear, I had my colours done last January so threw out loads and now I've pretty much nothing :/
2) get dressed properly, we've work being done on the house and I've found myself slipping into track suit/slobs and no make up, yesterday I hid from people in the supermarket I knew sad
3) eat better and take vitamins, the builders have become an excuse not to cook (they arent touching the kitchen)
4) exercise - I did kayla itsines for a month in September, I felt great, haven't done anything since, feel dreadful...
I've a few others that aren't really style and beauty related...
5) hour of housework a day.
6) start a college course
7) see friends / relatives more
8) budget/save better.
9) sort out stuff (this is a big one, I'm rubbish at doing paper work/clearing cupboards

slug Wed 30-Dec-15 12:06:02

To wear more lipstick. I keep buying them and then leaving them in my bag. I know if I wear it more often I won't be as self conscious about it so, starting at Christmas, I've been wearing lipstick every day.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 30-Dec-15 14:27:35

Ooh - I don't wear lipstick but I could put tinted lipbalm and eyebrows every day.

The tinted balm would give me colour and keep my lips from peeling.
And I do need to draw my brows in <sigh>

I asked my DD to take a photo of my newly washed face just before my birthday last June. Then each month for three months to see if my new and ££ moisturiser made a difference after the 12 weeks. Answer - no , it didn't.
(She has deleted them all now)

I can get her to photo and email to my laptop then I'll have a library to compare.

Lottapianos Wed 30-Dec-15 14:59:14

Great thread idea!

I resolve to buy less but buy better - stuff I actually love and will wear, that suits me and will work with what I already have in my wardrobe. And then wear the hell out of it - not just leave it hanging / sitting there

I will buy one fabulous thing every month - a pricey lipstick, a fancy pair of earrings, a posh scented candle, that sort of thing

I will visit hairdresser every 5 weeks instead of 6-7 (short hairstyle)

I will keep up with eyebrow tinting at least every 2 weeks

I will carry on with all the good stuff I already do - double cleansing every day, almond oil at night, drinking tons of water, eating loads of veg, watching the sugar and alcohol intake, lots of sleep, exercise

CakeThat Wed 30-Dec-15 17:09:45

Yes lots of resolutions - this is the year of beautiful moi!
- Drink less (no alcohol in Jan except for my birthday night and thereafter keep within recommended units per week)
- Lose 2 stone (the most vital of all as it will make the most difference to my looks) eating to live not living to eat
- always dye my roots when grey showing.
- Always have neatly polished shoes.
- get my eyelashes permed and buy a double wear mascara.
- up my exercise from zero to erm something (buying some fabulous girly trainers first).

CakeThat Wed 30-Dec-15 17:11:13

Oh and also buy a quality handbag with my xmas money.

CrayonShavings Wed 30-Dec-15 17:22:31

1) cut my hair short again, I've been growing it out for a year now and it's still an awkward length, so I'm committing to the crop.

2) sort out my skin. I've bought The Body Shop seaweed ionic clay mask and Aztec secret Indian healing clay, ready to suck all the gunk out of my pores <rubs hands with glee>

samesizetoes Wed 30-Dec-15 18:07:08

I will be planning ahead with work outfits for the week. Making sure I've chosen, cleaned and ironed everything needed and put the whole outfit together on the hanger with accessories, ready to go.

I want to make a concious effort to rotate and wear all my jewellery. So often I wear the same few things when I have some lovely items in my collection. Coats too now I think about it, I own some lovely coats and always wear the same parka.

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