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Curling hair with straighteners. One side goes wavy, the other curly. Why??

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Orangesarenot Tue 29-Dec-15 23:04:20

I've looked at a million YouTube tutorials and followed the instructions carefully. One side of my hair has more hair than the other (due to side part I guess?) but I make sure I put the same amount of hair in the straighteners each time, so it shouldn't make a difference. I also do both sides at the same speed. One side goes 1940s curly, the other side develops a loose beach wave. I don't mind either look they are both better than au naturel but I wish they two sides could match! Please help, you wonderful style and beauty gurus.

While I'm here, any recommendations for heat protection spray for fine silky hair? Thanks very much!

thelaundryfairy Tue 29-Dec-15 23:18:25

I guess it´s the difference between using your right and left hands / sides of your head. Practice makes perfect?? Maybe ask your hairdresser for some tips next time you go.

I use Lee Stafford heat protection spray; my friend has finer hair than me and she loves the Toni & Guy one.

TheFutureMrsB Tue 29-Dec-15 23:28:21

I would think it's down to how your holding the straighteners or how your pulling them through, I can recommend the Spin Curl attachment for hairdryers though. I had one for Christmas and it's great. I use Tressemme heat protection spray.

Orangesarenot Wed 30-Dec-15 00:14:46

Thank you very much! TheFutureMrsB do you know which model hairdryer you got? There seem to be quite a few, it would be good to have a recommendation.

TheFutureMrsB Wed 30-Dec-15 00:17:39

It's a Remington one, I'll link to it as soon as my DS decides to sleep and let me go back downstairs fgrin

TheFutureMrsB Wed 30-Dec-15 00:19:23 not sure if that worked?

Orangesarenot Wed 30-Dec-15 00:39:33

Thank you, that works fgrin I've just been looking at YouTube reviews, it looks very hopeful. Probably better for your hair than straighteners, and more usable on a regular basis.

TheFutureMrsB Wed 30-Dec-15 01:05:23

It's great, I thought it would be another gimmick but it does work, gives nice wavy curls too, sort of looks like dreadlocks but when you brush it out with your fingers it's great.

KP86 Wed 30-Dec-15 01:16:04

Oh damn, I thought you were saying you can buy an after-market curling attachment for hair dryers. I got way too excited!

I've never been able to master the straightener curl.

Orangesarenot Wed 30-Dec-15 01:43:04

KP86 there is an after market version out there, but it doesn't seem to work very well. I'm going to wait a few weeks to see if the Remington version goes into some kind of sale - Argos seem to do a discount on everything at some point.

TheFutureMrsB Wed 30-Dec-15 03:05:47 This looks similar to the Remington one I have. I have seen a big bucket looking one on YouTube but it didn't work very well at all.

TheFutureMrsB Wed 30-Dec-15 03:08:22

Sorry found these on Amazon too -

KP86 Wed 30-Dec-15 14:04:01

Thanks! I'll have to have a proper search.

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