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which eyeliner do you use for tightlining?

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DiscoDancer Mon 28-Dec-15 22:21:21

And doesn't budge and is contact lens friendly? And waterproof obvs!

Truckingalong Mon 28-Dec-15 22:24:14

The clarins 3 pronged one.

DiscoDancer Mon 28-Dec-15 22:54:49


This one? Does it budge at all? I want something that stays put all day

ledgeoffseason Tue 29-Dec-15 00:59:56

laura mercier powder eyeliner in navy with a v small brush. done right it is amazing and doesn't budge - might have to check you don't have a tiny bit in the inner corners of eyes right after doing it, bleurgh, but after that yep, will stay all day. They'll do it for you at a counter if you want to try it, I had mine done years ago in selfridges and have been convert ever since.

that said, if anyone suggests a pencil that is more effective, bring it on!

Truckingalong Tue 29-Dec-15 07:46:39

Yep, that one. Doesn't budge on me. Don't put it on waterline though, otherwise it will run.

Ledkr Tue 29-Dec-15 07:50:23

How do you actually do it? I thought it was on the waterline,is it not?

DiscoDancer Tue 29-Dec-15 07:52:27

I've been using a pencil on the water line too....

BrendaandEddie Tue 29-Dec-15 08:18:57

Under eye it's ok. Upper is not nice.

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