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Thread vein removal - legs

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hippospot Mon 28-Dec-15 17:29:35

Has anyone had treatment for this, and if so, what?

Please can you tell me about your experience, how much it cost, did it hurt, were the results good, how long do they last???

Thanks a million.

Also, does it have to be done in winter?

ThisCharmingW0man Mon 28-Dec-15 18:53:15

I have it done regularly as I suffer with thread veins. Laser treatment which is £150 per session (I'm in the SE). It is uncomfortable whilst having it done but the results are worth it. Probably best to get it done in the winter as the laser causes tiny scabs which take a few weeks to heal. Be warned that the results are not instant, I suffer with v unsightly clusters of veins which can take 2 or more sessions to clear. But so worth it as without it my legs would be like a roadmap and it means I can wear shorts in the summer.

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