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How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

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CarpetDiem Mon 28-Dec-15 17:22:40

And what do you wash them in? Recently converted to using them routinely and I've got some great brushes. I have been using them for about 6 weeks and thought hmm I need to wash these babies.
I could research what i should do but I'm not a believer in doing things As per instructions 1st world rebellion... But I don't want spots!

WanderingTrolley1 Mon 28-Dec-15 17:24:06

Nowhere near as often as every 6 weeks.

MrsBertMacklin Mon 28-Dec-15 17:25:27

Every Sunday morning for brushes used with liquids and creams, monthly for brushes used with powders.
Dr Bronner almond liquid soap to clean. Love the smell, which motivates me to clean.

LadyStark Mon 28-Dec-15 17:29:48

Bobbi Brown brush cleaning spray - it's amazing! Use it as when they look like they need it.

CarpetDiem Mon 28-Dec-15 17:34:36

Off to google Dr Bronner almond liquid soap and bobbi brown brush cleaning spray. I couldn't find the time or motivation to do it more regularly than 6 - 8 weekly. Has anyone left them longer & got skin issues as a result?

CarpetDiem Mon 28-Dec-15 17:36:28

Can you tell I want to leave it as long as possible blush

TheCraicDealer Mon 28-Dec-15 17:40:19

I have the Dr Bonner stuff (almond too) as well. I got it in TK Maxx, it was about £3.50 for a decent sized bottle and it really does the job. Way more effective than baby shampoo, although I suppose it's probably not as gentle on the brush fibres. ASOS do it too iirc.

MrsBertMacklin Mon 28-Dec-15 18:36:42

Ref getting into a routine, I do it Sunday mornings because that's when I clean the bathroom.
It takes 15 minutes and leaves the sink filthy, so easy to do it after showering and before cleaning.

SparklyTinselTits Mon 28-Dec-15 18:38:26

Not nearly as often as I should blush
But when I do do it (do do grin sorry I'm childish) I wash them in warm water and baby shampoo, works a treat smile

Crunchycookie Mon 28-Dec-15 18:54:06

I washed mine today with simple face wash that I no longer use for my face because it's foaming.

NettleFarseer Mon 28-Dec-15 19:00:59

You're supposed to wash them?!blush

TelephoneIgnoringMachine Mon 28-Dec-15 19:04:39

When I used to wear makeup, I always used baby shampoo. About once per month. My skin is way better now I don't wear it any more.

Tiggeryoubastard Mon 28-Dec-15 19:08:33

Beginning of every month. That way I remember. Shampoo and a bit of dettol. Works for me.

hollinhurst84 Mon 28-Dec-15 19:23:10

Depends! Foundation brush probably once a month. Eye makeup ones every 2-4 days as I change eye makeup a lot so don't want colours on the brushes. When I change eye makeup I wash them

Wagglebees Mon 28-Dec-15 20:11:48

Every 3 weeks. I use hibi scrub and rinse well.

Wagglebees Mon 28-Dec-15 20:13:00

^I wash my beauty blender, foundation stippling brush and concealer brush once a week. Everything else is fine for a couple of weeks longer as they're just used for powders.

ladedah Mon 28-Dec-15 20:22:49

about once every 1-2 weeks for foundation brush, just using liquid hand soap/shower gel and rubbing it in my hands under the tap, usually do it twice to make sure it's clean. blusher brush slightly less often but same method. the foundation brush especially doesn't apply makeup as evenly unless it's clean.

RoganJosh Mon 28-Dec-15 20:24:11

Ooh, about once a year in facial wash or shower gel.

Wagglebees Tue 29-Dec-15 17:19:47

Should've added that I'm prone to breakouts if I don't change my flannel and towel everyday, pillowcase a couple of times a week and the frequent washing of my make up brushes is part of the prevention thing I have going. Seems to work well.

Chottie Tue 29-Dec-15 17:37:42

Every time I use them (daily) and then I air dry them and they are ready to use the next day.

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