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Bleach bath, am I mad to consider it?

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Foodefafa Mon 28-Dec-15 16:31:14

I have naturally salt and pepper hair which I've been dyeing crazy colours for the last year. The latest colour (teal) is proving an absolute bugger to shift and even after using 2 boxes of Colour B4 I'm left with dull muddy looking greeny-blue grey hair (hawt). Pretty sure all the dyes (despite being semi permanent) have stained the cuticles.

I was thinking of doing a very gentle bleach bath, ideally it would leave my hair nice and light so I can dye it the colour I want to commit to on a long term basis (light purple).

Has anyone done this? Any tips?

squicketysquack Mon 28-Dec-15 16:44:10

My only experience of bleach bathing was not a good one!! Was years ago at a hairdressers in order to go from blonde back to dark (she said they needed to get the ash out otherwise it would go green). My hair was wrecked for ages afterwards...I could rub the ends with my fingers and it would just sort of disintegrate angry. I wouldn't recommend based on my experience but others may say different!

samesizetoes Mon 28-Dec-15 16:57:43

If you've tried everything else to shift the colour then yes I would bleach bath. I would also slather the hair in a good coat of coconut oil before you bleach. It won't slow down the bleaching process but will give a layer of protection to the condition of you hair and your scalp. Also, bleach works quicker in warmer conditions so do it in a warm room and cover with a shower cap or plastic bag to trap some heat. The less time its on your hair the the less damage it can do.

Foodefafa Mon 28-Dec-15 17:00:12

eek sounds traumatic squickety!

I'm planning on using the very gentlest peroxide available with loads of shampoo and constantly checking the colour so that I can rinse immediately. As the alternative is being stuck with this horrible patchy colour (and bonus grey roots hmm) I think I might go for it. Damn my impulsive nature. Will report back if I do.

Foodefafa Mon 28-Dec-15 17:02:14

same already have my coconut oil! Have done so much research I feel pretty confident I can have a go.

Colour B4 has done nothing but stink my entire house (and head) out and I spent hours last week crushing up Vit C tablets to mix with shampoo again with no effect. Need to go for the big guns now!

FinnDaHuman Mon 28-Dec-15 17:04:09

I had blue hair. Peacock blue. I did a bleach bath followed by a full bleach in desperation. .. It's still blue!

ShortyShortLegs Mon 28-Dec-15 17:13:28

I have/had green hair too.....from Directions Plum after it had faded (on previously bleached hair). I have done two lots of Colour B4 which left my hair in an awful condition, so I am just growing the green out now. I don't dare bleach t again. It has been green for about a year!

I have found that Directions Cerise/Dark Tulip/Rubine/Violet all cover the green easily with no bleaching required. They also cover my greys quite well.

Have you looked at Bee Unique Hair Dye Forum ? Some great advice on there.

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