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L'Oreal Steam Pod Straighteners

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banff82 Mon 28-Dec-15 15:24:23

Has anyone got these and would you recommend them?

I have shoulder-blade length, naturally curly hair but it is keratin treated so it's now more wavy than curly. It's fine textured but there's a lot of it, it's not coarse or frizzy. It's still a sod to actually straighten though; after blow drying it's straight-ish but fluffy - I would have been an awesome 60s hippy - and it takes about 30 minutes with the GHDs to smooth it down.

Problem is, despite using heat protector sprays the repeated GHD-ing totally frazzled the ends and I ended up having to cut 3 inches off it. After going totally au naturale for the last 6 or 7 months and just wearing it curly with no blow drying or straightening at all, it's back in good condition and has grown which is what I was aiming for. I would like to be able to straighten it again though - not all the time but maybe once a week or so - but don't want to spend hours doing it or, more importantly, frazzle my hair again, so I read about the Steam Pods and wondered if they might be a) quicker, and b) gentler on my hair. I've been reading online and have watched some YouTube videos but any actual experiences would be appreciated!

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