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Uniqlo's Most Excellent Leggings/Jeggings

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Gingermum Sun 27-Dec-15 15:53:16

Bought a pair of navy blue medium thick jeggings from Uniqlo at £15.99. I'm 5ft 8 and just under 10 stone - I'm a size 10 to 12.

Just wanted to say I don't usually go out in leggings unless I'm wearing a long top over them - I like my arse and legs but feel a bit exposed in leggings and I've never found jeggings of a thick enough material or they're too tight. But these are a thick stretchy material with two pockets on the bum and they go round down to my ankles. Very comfy and don't show VPL. I'm going back to get a few more pairs.

Hayelp Sun 27-Dec-15 21:25:13

Thanks for sharing. Will check them out

shins Mon 28-Dec-15 07:39:45

They're great, a real staple for me. More like perfectly fitting jeans than leggings! Love Uniqlo.

BumWad Mon 28-Dec-15 08:09:13

Hi could you link these please I am getting confused there are so many on the website. I'm a 5'3, 12 bottom with a 'mum tum' do you think I will need large?

OlafLovesAnna Mon 28-Dec-15 08:20:10

Bum I am the same shape as you and am hopeful about these but can't find them either!

Are they in the Leggings or Jeans section op?

chanie44 Mon 28-Dec-15 08:23:32

Bum, I think a medium will fit you nicely.

Gingermum Mon 28-Dec-15 12:17:18

Bumwad here's a link:


Lndnmummy Mon 28-Dec-15 14:57:42

These are fab! Love them

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 28-Dec-15 15:20:43

The link Ginger posted has all the reviews from USA (their sizes are different ) so don't read them for size inspiration .

I love Uniqlo , might have a wander in there too.......

indecisivedoctor Mon 28-Dec-15 15:34:34

I bought some of these a while back with high hopes but tragically they gave me a camel toe blush. Not really sure why!

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