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Leather high tops like these?

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Wossname Sun 27-Dec-15 12:15:24

I love these high tops from Hush but they're all sold out- has anyone one seen similar anywhere?

MytwinisMilaKunis Sun 27-Dec-15 12:19:37

the leather kurt Geiger Lizzys are identical

Wossname Sun 27-Dec-15 12:45:15

Thanks Mytwin, can't find any dark ones in my size but definitely somewhere to start. Like the Ash ones too but think they are out of my price range. There are some tan leather ones in size 3 on Shoeaholics tho for £39- gutted about my size 7 boats.

burnishedsilver Sun 27-Dec-15 12:46:56

They're ash Virgin. Lots of places (eg hof) stock them. I gather the Kurt Geiger version are a slightly wider fit which may or may not be a good thing.

louloubelle2 Sun 27-Dec-15 12:54:05

Very Exclusive have them is a 3,5 and 8 for £84. Baujlen used to sell them but I haven't looked.
They are widely available, Ash Virgins have been around for years. Try Ashs own website as well.

Wossname Sun 27-Dec-15 12:56:37

Thank you! I am obviously a bit behind the times 😳

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