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Best waterproofer for nude/light suede shoes?

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ledgeoffseason Thu 24-Dec-15 00:33:12

Just treated self to two pairs of flats from Boden sale - one rose pink suede, the other nude half patent, half suede. They are lovely but I imagine will mark. Are the spray waterproofers all much of a muchness or is there one in particular someone could recommend?

I always assume it's more about preventing marking than being able to clean, but if anyone has any top cleaning tips that would be great too!

EmilyPunkhurst Thu 24-Dec-15 08:55:07

I have used just about every protector going and can't say I've noticed one being better than another.

What is important is to protect the patent from the spray when you're doing the suede part. It'll mark if you don't. Patent is pretty well waterproof anyway.

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