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Please HELP - Another Beautyliss Big Hair thread

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Lndnmummy Wed 23-Dec-15 13:35:12

How to use Babyliss big hair?

I have had a BBH for years and never used it more than once or twice. Thinking about giving it another go over the Christmas break. Quick question for experienced users, do you blow dry your hair normally first to get it almost dry or do you let your hair dry naturally until it is ready for the Babyliss.
I know that there are several you tube tutorials around, can anyone recommend anyone in particular?
I have shoulder length hair if that makes a difference

whitershadeofpale Wed 23-Dec-15 13:37:59

I rough dry my hair until it's 90% dry and then use it. I have thick heavy, straight hair and the weight just pulls it limp without it.

WhiteHairReally Wed 23-Dec-15 17:12:33

I too have shoulder length hair and a 42mm BBH ( the slightly smaller barrelled one).

I dry my hair with a hairdryer, a large paddle brush and a plastic hair claw clip. I clip up the top section of my wet hair so that I can dry the lower sections. Then I let down the rest in sections and dry those. I'm left with 80% dry hair. It's still a bit claggy.

The hair claw clip goes back, holding up the top section again. I use the BBH twirling it one way on each side and twirling it the opposite way at the back. Any of the YouTube tutorials will show you this.
I will then gradually let down each section of hair from the hair claw to BBH each section.

It's taken me much longer to tap all this out than it does to do my hair!

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