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Crazy coloured hair when going grey

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I'm naturally brunette but starting to go grey, I've been highlighting my hair with sun kiss jelly and I definitely prefer *less work* to blend by going lighter in highlights than try and keep it dark with an all over colour. I figure as I get more grey I'll go lighter until eventually I tone it blonde. For ages I've wanted to try a crazy colour like pink or purple but I have no idea where to start. Am I too old for it at 36??

Any ideas? I tried a dip dye with these colours once but couldn't get it light enough at the ends for the colour to take. I don't really want an all over colour that is going to need redoing every few weeks and I would prefer something that can be juggled around DC at home.

Any suggestions welcome smile

Strike out fail

flanjabelle Wed 23-Dec-15 12:43:46

Bright colours will only take properly on bleached hair. The colours really don't come out well on natural hair (even if you have been using a bit of sunkiss).

When you say you want bright, but not all over, what are you thinking? if you want to try dip dye again you are going to need to use proper bleach (I recommend Bleach London kit) to lighten the ends significantly first. Once you have bleached it once you won't need to keep bleaching it unless you want it to start higher up.

Bright colours are quite a lot of maintenance, they fade quickly and need redoing much more often than your normal box dyes.

If you decide to go for it, I would recommend 'directions' dye over 'manicpanic' as they last longer and there is a bigger range of colours. I would also recommend adding some of the colour into a conditioner to top it up each time you wash your hair.

If you are going to bleach, you need to do a conditioning treatment 2 weeks before to try and protect your hair.

flanjabelle Wed 23-Dec-15 12:48:13

Also, if you are wanting to go blonde, I wouldn't recommend going bright now. It's an utter bitch to get back to blonde after brights. I had to have my hair repeatedly stripped of colour, then re-dyed and bleached to get a natural light blonde. it cost over £250 and took days.

sohelpmegoad Wed 23-Dec-15 15:09:01

I have a cadbury purple wash out toner put through my hair, as I don't have too many greys yet, its a nice mix with my dark hair

I tried pink but it was too bright to start with and so wasn't as nice.

It usually lasts about 8 weeks and costs £13.00 at the hairdresser. Im 52, although in my head Im about 33.

Thank you both. £13 sounds very reasonable but I'm time poor at the moment

I'm not thinking of going all over blonde until I have more greys than Browns so hopefully a few more years yet. I think I will continue with the sun kiss for my roots as I like the subtle/non orange effect and will try the brands you mention for dipping the ends

Excited now! fgrin

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