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Style rut

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Dorsetmama Tue 22-Dec-15 20:59:27

Im a size 18. My usual style used to be kind of rock chick/punk rock. That was in my twenties and at a size 12. I don't feel comfortable in this style at size 18. Ive kept some reminiscent of it.... DM calf length boots, an Iron Fist handbag.... The occasional pink streaks in my hair.
I wss leaning towards fifties style, but felt too fat for that. Plus with 4 kids style needs to be practical as well. No hours doing hair and having to remember im wearing a skirt, plus i have to walk at least 4 miles a day on school runs.

Nowadays, at 31, i wear pretty much just black. Leggings. Bum skirting/covering tops. Usually something floaty to hide tummy. Right now its sheer black over a black vest

I would be happy wearing a tracksuit somedays but i can't bring myself to leave the house in it.

I don't really know what to wear, i still like the punky styles but thats s bit teenagery tbh and can a 30 something get away with it!? Unless you're in a band!? Maybe i should start a band...

I plan on losing weight, but its not a fixation, just when im ready. Ive done too much of the 'i want to fit into my old jeans' and then disappointing myself.

So, i was wondering, best advice for a size 18 with a biggish belly, a sizeable arse, average boobs, all contained in 5'2"? I want to to look put together!

amarmai Tue 22-Dec-15 21:44:11

i see women your age and size looking good in skirts with a waist- not too short , tuff jackets and boots + punk hair. Go for it if you still like that style. i love it.

Dorsetmama Tue 22-Dec-15 21:57:47

Thanks! What do you mean by waist skirts?

amarmai Tue 22-Dec-15 23:11:48

fit and flare looks great on us well rounded females IMO

Nettletheelf Tue 22-Dec-15 23:25:55

My tip is, don't wear black sheer tops over a black vest. It screams, "I want to hide but I'll make a half arsed concession to being a bit sexy".

Yes, go for the waisted skirts and the fit & flare frocks. Slim, not skinny, jeans and a bit of interest on top: a nice necklace over an interesting neckline.

Dorsetmama Tue 22-Dec-15 23:45:34

"half arsed concession to being a bit sexy" haha nettle now i have nothing to wear! Fit and flare sounds friendly. Jeans.... I used to wear skinnies when i was smaller, then i went for bootcut. Now, i don't wear them. Slim fit, you say. Im not keen on my belly in jeans, but anything probably looks better than leggings.

RickOShay Wed 23-Dec-15 07:40:06

If it helps I am 47 and I wear black coated skinny jeans and diamonte clips in my hair. Which is fairly long. I think you are allowed to be as punky as you want to be. I lust after pink hair, almost dribble at it. I also like sheer tops, which I think are flattering and stylish.
I think you have your own style, but have lost some confidence, so it is not style you need, but to feel that you can express who you are without feeling like a fool, and that is about respecting yourself for who you are, it all comes from within, not the outside.
I would go to somewhere like tkmaxx and have a massive trying on session with no time restraints, and buy nothing that does not make you feel amazing, if you find nothzing the first time, treat yourself to some make up, and go again, eventually you will get something you love, it takes patience and nerve but it can be done.

You sound lovely, cool and funky, give yourself the chance to discover that part of you again. flowers

JapanNextYear Wed 23-Dec-15 07:46:26

Move on from the leggings probably, jeggings, coated jeans, etc. You'll probably raise an eyebrow but a mate of mine has a really distinctive style, coated jeans, cool tops, scarves, jewellery, sort of punk, she's in her 60s , funky coloured hair, size 18/20. She looks fab. Whenever I ask her where something is from its usually Evans...

JapanNextYear Wed 23-Dec-15 07:48:14

Oh, and as I got older I realised that black had stopped suiting me, a bit of colour really helps.

Gruach Wed 23-Dec-15 07:57:32

Buy the best black leather jacket you can afford. Something sleek, not bulky, with a flattering shoulder line and well fitted sleeves. Make sure it's the right length. The perfect one should make everything else you own or buy look fabulous.

Straight, mid-length jersey skirts or dresses in flattering colours or prints could work underneath. Perhaps not for the four miles a day!

Step away from the leggings and sheer tops (sheer tops always remind me of old ladies going to the bingo, sorry).

Buy a couple of pairs of jeggings (M&S ones are decent, and cheap) - as comfortable as leggings but look a million times better. Agree re a leather jacket. And some not too baggy, bum length jumpers - cotton, merino or cashmere in the sales.

Yes to jersey skirts too - the Whistles tube skirts are brilliant but they seem to have stopped doing them. sad

RavenQueen Wed 23-Dec-15 12:41:23

God you could be me!!!! Because your Dorsetmama I'm assuming your from Dorset, if only you lived near to me we could of gone shopping!!!
For me it's a confidence thing as well because all the other mom's at my daughters school are so not like that! I have recently brought some biker leggings from Next which are fab but ypically they've sold out of all colours. I'm going to make a conscious effort in the New Year to try and change confused

Dorsetmama Wed 23-Dec-15 16:38:34

There are some great tips here, thank you ladies!
raven yes i am. Same here RE the mums, i live in a rural town so its all Gilets and skinny jeans with brown boots at the moment.

Rickoshay that's lovely stuff. I've definitely lost my confidence! I never think of tkmaxx. Perhaps i can treat myself soon.

remus jeggings.... I tried some on once and they looked awful, maybe hsve to go up a size then?
I think im so used to seeing myself in black fabric anything else looks too "standy outy" and, im so used to the elasticity of leggings that anything else feels tight!

japan im a bit afraid of colour. I always feel i can see more bulges.

gruach I've been coveting a leather jacket for a while. It will be a while longer yet but its still a great idea.

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