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Body moisturiser?

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CatMilkMan Tue 22-Dec-15 16:36:15

I'm a guy and never used it but DP does so I gave it a go today, I had a shower dried off then tried to rub it all over me but it was awful.
I had to have another shower to get it off, am I doing it wrong? It made my chest hair all matted.

PurpleDaisies Tue 22-Dec-15 16:41:51

I think you probably used too much. Try a bit less next time and hopefully that will solve the problem.

mrssmith79 Tue 22-Dec-15 16:43:14

Use the aerosol type - Vaseline.

Indecisivejo Tue 22-Dec-15 17:05:54

Which one was it

Morsecode Tue 22-Dec-15 17:12:54

The key is to apply it sparingly and rub it in as you go along!

CatMilkMan Tue 22-Dec-15 17:18:44

Yes I think I probably over did it and used too much, it smelt great but felt rubbish.

Indecisivejo Tue 22-Dec-15 18:38:03

Try palmers cocoa butter for men it's in grey bottle I think. Smells lovely (my other half has it) and absorbs into his skin nicely

VulcanWoman Tue 22-Dec-15 18:43:04

Almond oil.

goodnessgraciousgoudaoriginal Tue 22-Dec-15 21:17:05

a) probably using WAY too much. A little goes a long way and it needs a lot of rubbing in to absorb

b) Body cream isn't designed for hairy bits, it's designed for skin. Light leg hair or whatever won't be a problem, but men's chest hair would - as you discovered - just get matted and weird.

CatMilkMan Wed 23-Dec-15 12:59:33

I used pretty much a whole bottle and it's called creed flowers, apparently it's expensive and I'm in trouble.

VulcanWoman Wed 23-Dec-15 13:15:07

Maybe give the almond oil a miss, you'll be sliding all over the place. fgrin

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