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Help - can't remember bag brand name!

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rozzyraspberry Tue 22-Dec-15 14:59:39

Hi all - a month or so ago there was a thread someone had started asking for help deciding between 2 bags of a certain brand as her brother was in New York and she planned to ask him to get one of them for her.

I really liked a bag on the website. Having just turned 40 at the weekend and with Christmas nearly here I will have enough money to treat myself but can't remember the brand name.

I've done searches and looked through the last 7/8 weeks of style and beauty threads but can't find it - help!

burnishedsilver Tue 22-Dec-15 15:05:44

I seem to recall a thread about deciding between Michael Kors and DKNY but I'm not sure if it's the same thread you're talking about.

rozzyraspberry Tue 22-Dec-15 15:24:08

Thanks silver but no - the 2 bags were both from the same brand. It was one i'd never heard of before but the bags were lovely!

rubyflipper Tue 22-Dec-15 15:27:03

What colour/shape/size was it? Any distinguishing features?

rozzyraspberry Tue 22-Dec-15 15:36:17

I think it came in a petroleum colour and it was like a hobo and had a couple of zips

duckfilledfattypuss Tue 22-Dec-15 15:45:58

Was it this one?

rozzyraspberry Tue 22-Dec-15 15:53:06

Yes - furla!! Thank you so much this has been driving me mad trying to find it!

duckfilledfattypuss Tue 22-Dec-15 16:34:11

You're welcome! Happy birthday smile

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