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Returning a coat but....

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Youvegottobekidding Tue 22-Dec-15 11:07:30

Ok, so I saw a coat that I liked at an outlet shop, but it was a bit tight & they didn't have the next size up. Anyhow, when I got home, I had a look at their online store & they had it online.

My hubby surprised me a few days later & gave it to me as an early Xmas present. However, after trying it on several times I've come to the decision, that, although it's a size up from the one I tried in the shop, it's still a bit tight! It's my boobs I think!

I've mentioned it to hubby nicely as don't want to sound ungrateful. But he's actually said when he removed the tag, it stated that once it was removed, the item cannot be returned! Argh! & he'd only gone & threw the tag away!

Also, the coat has to be returned by post, not to any store - apparently the stores aren't related to the online retailers? And we have to cover the cost of postage!

So, do I stick with a coat I'm not entirely comfortable with, or cut my loses (which will be about £12 down as he paid £6 delivery & it'll be another £6 to return it) & return it, explain in email why there's no tag. I feel bad enough as hubby was only trying to surprise me & now he wishes he hadn't bothered!

Mince314 Tue 22-Dec-15 11:16:32

What shop? some shops think more about customer service in the long term, and others are more 'talk to the hand'

InYearAdmissions Tue 22-Dec-15 11:34:25

Sometimes when you send things back they do just refund you as it is more hassle to send it back to you again, as they can't charge you and withhold the goods. Did your husband pay on credit card? I would probably return it by post although without know how much it was it is hard to say.

Youvegottobekidding Tue 22-Dec-15 11:51:17

Mince - pilot fashion online, after reading their returns T&C, they seem quite strict!

InYear - yes, hubby paid by credit card, just over £50 inc delivery, which is a lot to us for a coat! I can't justify keeping this one, which i'm not 100% happy with then perhaps buying another new coat in a few weeks!

I feel like a suffed turkey in it! I don't think we'll buy from online only retailer again, I mean faffing about posting a return back is a pain enough but charging the customer as well is outrageous!! 😕

InYearAdmissions Tue 22-Dec-15 12:13:19

Hmmm I would possibly risk it, send it back tracked. And if you haven't received a refund or the coat back your DH should contact his credit card company as they can't charge you and keep the coat. If they do send it back you are no worse off and you can then just try and sell on Ebay or something...

Youvegottobekidding Tue 22-Dec-15 16:26:57

InYear......that's prob what I'll end up doing, however with Christmas so soon I may wait until Monday, as I don't want to risk the coat lying about in some sorting room somewhere for a few days! Hubby is a bit put out by it, he really thought he was on a winner with my Xmas pressie this year! I suppose I could try dieting....ha ha, but that's something I can't be ar$$ed with right now....or in the near future!

Twinklestein Tue 22-Dec-15 18:56:14

I would ring their Customer Services and tell them your husband bought it as a Christmas present and see if you can wangle a return.

It's quite possible that if you send it back without negotiating that they won't accept the return.

You need to have your husband better trained - mine knows that all presents of clothing must be returnable!

lucy101101 Tue 22-Dec-15 21:23:48

If you had to keep it is it a style that would let you move the buttons for instance so that you had more room at the front? I always have problems with coats fitting on the back and not the front so I have done this a few times... or if I really like the coat and it fits well everywhere else and can't change the buttons then I would just wear it open with a scarf. Also, perhaps they might let you exchange for the size larger if they wouldn't refund....

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