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Oily skin - help!

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ProjectPerfect Mon 21-Dec-15 12:20:50

Despite being nearly 40 my skin is an oil slick - not too spotty, but the oil is out of control.

I've seen a few mentions of sacylic acid for congested skin - is this what I need and if so what's the best? Budget not an issue but needs to be easy to get hold of in high street.


Nabootique Mon 21-Dec-15 13:59:16

Clinique Mild Clarifying lotion or Nip+Fab Dragons Blood pads. Former is stronger if budget is no issue, or you can get the Nip+Fab pads in Boots for £7ish (they're usually in some sort of offer). What else are you using?

ProjectPerfect Mon 21-Dec-15 16:42:46

Thanks - is mild better than the stronger Clinique toners?

Talisin Mon 21-Dec-15 17:16:22

If you're really oily then conversely, milder strength is probably better (and Clinique can be really harsh). Also, make sure your skin is hydrated enough - if your skin lacks moisture then it pumps out more oil to try and rectify the problem. Took me years and years to understand this. A serum like Hydraluron or Hylamide (a bit spendy but currently on offer in Boots) under a light moisturiser can really help tremendously.

Wolpertinger Mon 21-Dec-15 17:33:45

All the other Clinique toners have awful formulas - loads of alcohol or the wrong pH to work. Although it says Mild, it isn't really as it's a well formualted product. There are stronger salicylic products out there - if budget not a prob I would strongly recommend Paula's Choice 2% BHA via the internet.

For oily skin and managing spots you are looking at a routine of:

Non-foaming, no stripping cleanser eg Avene Gentle Cleanser, Cetaphil
Salicylic toner in the morning, retinol eg LRP Redermic R in the evening
Hydrating serum - Hylamide is ace as also has loads of peptides in, Hydraluron is very expensive for what it is
Oil-free moisturiser and SPF

Petal02 Mon 21-Dec-15 18:13:49

I have oily skin, and find Clinique No 2 clarifying lotion helps, but I only use it once a day, otherwise it's too harsh.

MrsMarigold Mon 21-Dec-15 20:23:30

I find Yasmin (the pill) and acnecide benzoyl peroxide 5% are the way forward. I also do effaclar duo in the day and my skin is looking the best it has done in years.

Nabootique Tue 22-Dec-15 08:09:56

The Clinique one I mention is alcohol free. I wouldn't recommend the others because I agree they are too harsh.

Petal02 Tue 22-Dec-15 08:43:04

I agree with the poster who commented that you need to keep oily skin well nourished, otherwise you end up with your skin pumping out more oil to compensate for the oil you've stripped away.

I discovered Clarins Double Serum about 18 months ago, it's a very moisturising serum (whereas lots of other serums I've tried are quite drying), and to keep my skin 'well fed' I use this at night, after using Clinique No 2 clarifying lotion. My skin definitely appreciates the boost, my fine lines have disappeared, and I'm convinced my skin is slightly less oily during the day.

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