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Older veiny hands...

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CainInThePunting Mon 21-Dec-15 00:11:36

I've always had quite slim, sinuous hands but since I've lost a lot of weight I've now got sinuous and veiney hands.
I now realise why Madonna covers hers with lace fingerless gloves.

My hands look vile to me.

I take it there is nothing I can do....?

Any ideas? Lace gloves would just look a bit silly on me.

Tarrarra Mon 21-Dec-15 00:27:49

Do you use hand cream regularly? Hands always look better when they are moisturised. Apart from that, well, if Madge can't do anything with all her money then the rest of us haven't a chance 😃

CainInThePunting Mon 21-Dec-15 01:16:17

Yup, hand cream always and I wear the black, heavy duty rubber gloves for washing up, cleaning etc.
Suppose I better learn to love my ancient hands.

Oldisthenewblack Mon 21-Dec-15 17:04:48

You can get dermal fillers for the hands. Probably pricey, but it's quite effective, from the pics I've seen. Like Tarrarra says though, make sure they are always well moisturised, as they look heaps better when moist (that's not quite the right word, is it??)

However, your hands are NOT vile! Hands are fascinating things, and as individual as faces.....

Floisme Mon 21-Dec-15 17:25:13

My hands look ten or fifteen years older than my face. But I've decided to stop hiding them away and instead to cnannel my inner Edith Sitwell.

It's cocktail rings for me all the way now until I hit the grave.

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