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Blood vessel has popped under my eye

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FuckOffJeffrey Sat 19-Dec-15 00:36:15

I noticed it this afternoon. It's right under my eye near the tear duct. Lots not huge but it is noticeable enough that two people have pointed it out so far.

What can I do to reduce the redness quickly?

I read online to put a cold compress on it which I have done but that hasn't appeared to have made much of a difference. Other suggestions have been for natural oils or arnica cream but I'm a bit worried how close to my eye I would need to put it.

Should I just resign myself to using green concealer (I'm sure I have a bottle somewhere) for a few weeks until it clears up?

FuckOffJeffrey Sat 19-Dec-15 00:37:55

It's not huge not Lots not huge.

FuckOffJeffrey Sat 19-Dec-15 13:24:15

The ice pack appears to have done the trick. The redness has gone down quite a bit today but still open to suggestions to help clear it up quicker.

taybert Sat 19-Dec-15 16:39:16

Cold will help constrict the blood vessel and reduce inflammation but I'm afraid there probably isn't much more than that will make it settle more quickly. Hopefully it won't take too long.

Wolpertinger Sat 19-Dec-15 16:47:02

You can't really make it heal quicker. Fraid it just has to take it's time.

FuckOffJeffrey Sat 19-Dec-15 22:21:55

I feared that was the case. I have now located the green concealer from the depths of the make up drawer so I should be able to cover it over the festive photo taking period.

Gwenhwyfar Sun 20-Dec-15 00:32:34

When I get these, they usually go in a few days, even though Google tells me it could be a week. The only thing not to do is take ibuprofen (I suppose it thins the blood).

FuckOffJeffrey Mon 21-Dec-15 02:01:45

Gwenhwyfar you are spot on with the few days thing. It's almost completely gone now and I suspect by tomorrow it will be back to normal. I just had a bit of a panic when google said 1-2 weeks for it to clear.

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