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Ways to dress a fat tummy

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puddingbrains Thu 17-Dec-15 15:38:38

Hello all! I've got ruined abdominal muscles as a result of big babies shock. I'm soooooooooooooooooo sick of leggings and feeling like a fat frump. What types of clothes would you stylish folks recommend for flattering a disproportionately large tum? I'm a size 14 everywhere else and like an alternative/rocky look.

SapphireSeptember Thu 17-Dec-15 20:47:07

High waisted structured skirts in a sturdy material are great. I have a big tummy and I find skirts like this are great as they hold my tummy in. I got a lovely faux leather skirt by TU last year that I wear with (nice) baggy tops that I tuck in.
Something similar.
Depending on how rocky/alternative you like to be some of the alternative clothing websites have corseted skirts (or even underbust corsets) that are a great way to hide your tummy.
Like this,
or this.
Tops you can go mad with but I think either slightly loose and tucked in or button up blouses work best.
This is one I have,
and one like I have, but not as long.

If you don't like skirts I'm stuck because I only ever wear skirts, but I hope that helps and gives you some ideas! smile

ElasticPants Thu 17-Dec-15 21:43:43

With a good pair of high waisted jeans I can get away with wearing most types of tops.

sofiahelin Thu 17-Dec-15 21:49:47

Shirt dresses are fab for me, they seem to take away from the tummy & put focus on the neck.
My fav look at the moment is denim shirt & black trousers

Suzietwo Thu 17-Dec-15 21:56:49

Good quality jeggings, long line thick sleeveless vests and baggy tshirts which cut the tummy in half. There's a reason it's the mum uniform!

puddingbrains Fri 18-Dec-15 08:53:05

Thanks everyone! I do love a leather skirt sapphire, but I've never even tried one one as I thought it would look terrible! I'll maybe need to give it a go. I find that anything that has to fasten over my middle, like jeans or trousers don't fit because I need a size 16 for my waist but I am blessed with quite skinny legs so then the trousers look baggy and scruffy. Jeggings are a bit more successful but I always seem to end up all lumpy and bumpy at the top of the waistband and have a camel toe. I've been going to slimming world but the weight isn't coming off as quickly as I'd like!

Suzietwo Fri 18-Dec-15 09:12:05

cheap jeggins are awful. zara do decent ones. they dont reveal they are elasticated until you try them on and realise they fit!

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