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BabyLiss Big me through it.

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ICanSeeForMiles Thu 17-Dec-15 14:33:27

Dh has bought me the above for my Christmas, and I've tried it a couple of times. Has anyone else got one? Any tips about how to make my hair like the pic on the box!?? Thanks.

Fuzzballs Thu 17-Dec-15 14:40:01

There a million threads on here about the bbh and how to use it, just do a search

burnishedsilver Thu 17-Dec-15 15:00:22

Dry your hair 85% of the way with a hairdryer and finish off with the bbh. A root lift spray works well with it. Definatley look at previous threads and also look through you tube videos.

ICanSeeForMiles Thu 17-Dec-15 15:34:46

Off to search for them now, cheers smile

StrawberrytallCake Fri 18-Dec-15 10:27:21

Youtube videos have been more helpful to me than reading threads.

hellsbellsmelons Fri 18-Dec-15 10:51:37

It's a great tool but doesn't last long before it breaks.
I was soooo disappointed!

Autumn2014 Fri 18-Dec-15 11:22:54

I use it give me a smooth bouncy bob. I towel dry my hair, blast it with a hair dryer until nearly dry, then section it off and use a heat styling spray and use the brush to give me root lift and curl under the ends. I love mine. Good luck

squoosh Fri 18-Dec-15 11:30:06

hellsbells they do break pretty easily but Babyliss are great at replacing them free of charge so keep the box and warranty and receipt in a cupboard somewhere.

Lndnmummy Fri 18-Dec-15 22:33:28

Which model is best? I al just dusting mine off after 3 yrs of not using it but it is the rubber one not the bristles one. I must say i dont get the smooth non frizz everyone talks about, do you guys think thats down to the bristles?

Lndnmummy Fri 18-Dec-15 22:34:13

Also can anyone recommend product to use it with, heat peotector? Root spray!

Sorry op didnt mean to hijack

Lndnmummy Sat 19-Dec-15 07:35:22


ICanSeeForMiles Sat 19-Dec-15 07:51:47

I've used it a couple of times and really like it...have fairly unruly hair, but with this it still sits nicely the next morning, when it would usually resemble a birds nest.
The only heat spray I use is the got 2 be one, it's great.

lighteningirl Sat 19-Dec-15 07:56:38

I love mine I have long hair so I dry it/let it dry then section it off and use the babyliss to get more root lift and encourage the ends to curl. Literally gives me big hair. I spray each section with hairspray and it lasts really well. I didn't know they were prone to break I've had mine about three years and use it all the time but it's permanently plugged in in its own spot shrine so maybe that protects it.

Lndnmummy Sat 19-Dec-15 08:15:29

Do you guys have the bristles one or the rubber one?

ICanSeeForMiles Sat 19-Dec-15 08:24:53

It's the bristles one I bought.

Lndnmummy Sat 19-Dec-15 09:06:39

Hm imight have to move to that one, what is the difference between 42mm and 50mm

ginorwine Sat 19-Dec-15 09:15:43

I think the 42 is for shorter hair or layers .

Autumn2014 Sat 19-Dec-15 11:21:14

Mine has bristles. I've got a 42 one, but I have a short bob. I use elnett heat styling spray.

waitingforgodot Sat 19-Dec-15 11:32:29

I've got one-I dont use it much but the thing has def slowed down and doesn't turn as fast as it used to. The trick is def to have your hair nearly dry before you use it. It does tend to make my hair frizzy so I use it to lift at the roots and create volume then use GHDs to smooth.

Petal02 Sun 20-Dec-15 10:35:53

I couldn't live without my BBH. I use it to smooth my layers, and then I have a quick run through with straighteners. However I find it frustrating that I now need 3 appliances (hair dryer, BBH, straighteners) to make shoulder length hair look good!

SuperFlyHigh Sun 20-Dec-15 10:43:08

waitingforgodot you're right I noticed the same about mine which I've only had for about 3 months! Really pissed off and not sure I kept warranty!

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