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Make Up Question.....

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BaconAndAvocado Mon 14-Dec-15 22:25:42

I'm 46 years old and very recently my eyes seem to be disappearing and looking a lot smaller.....

I have blue eyes and dark hair.

Just wondering if there are any top tips to make my eyes look bigger?!

ZacharyQuack Tue 15-Dec-15 02:37:38

Eldridge ink{\]]U} has a good video about making up for glasses, which includes tips to make eyes look bigger.

My tip would be don't line all the way around your eyes with heavy black eyeliner.

AmusingSpoonerism Tue 15-Dec-15 03:06:43

I can't open the link above unfortunately...

I've always highlighted the inner corners with a lighter eyeshadow, outer 2/3 lines with dark brown shaddow. Dab of highlighter under the arch of the brow too

AmusingSpoonerism Tue 15-Dec-15 03:07:06

Loads of mascara

AmusingSpoonerism Tue 15-Dec-15 03:07:23

But good quality, not spider leg clumpy!

BaconAndAvocado Tue 15-Dec-15 20:38:12

Could you re-post that link zachary ?

I use Benefits They're Real mascara but am a bit list about which eyeshadow colour to wear! Currently using a metallic bronze colour.

RoganJosh Tue 15-Dec-15 20:40:45

I've googled for the link

Is that it/does it work?

ZacharyQuack Wed 16-Dec-15 03:04:56

Oh sorry, I posted that link and then forgot to check that it worked blush

Thanks for linking it Rogan.

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