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Help me find shoes to wear with this dress please

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Donthate Sun 13-Dec-15 14:29:24

I am going to a wedding on 22nd Dec and planning to wear this dress. What shoes can I wear?

Also tights nude or opaque?

There is a matching jacket too should I get it or is that too much. I'm doing a reading so will be a little bit on show.

Donthate Sun 13-Dec-15 14:29:46

Thanks fgrin

Donthate Sun 13-Dec-15 14:41:15

I love these but again are they too much? Thank you!

Donthate Sun 13-Dec-15 19:26:59

A festive bump. Any opinions? fsmile

tethersend Sun 13-Dec-15 19:30:17

Yes, get the matching jacket.

Nude tights I think.

I don't think those shoes will work.

Do you have a link to the jacket?

tethersend Sun 13-Dec-15 19:32:17

Oops, just seen it sorry!

Will look for shoes.

Donthate Sun 13-Dec-15 19:37:44

Thanks. I had seen these too.

BikeRunSki Sun 13-Dec-15 19:39:26

Yes to the jacket. I was going to sugguest silver shoes. Those pewter Mary Janes are lovely.

tethersend Sun 13-Dec-15 19:39:56

I like these

Haggisfish Sun 13-Dec-15 19:40:09

I like the last ones there best.

Haggisfish Sun 13-Dec-15 19:40:51

Sorry, cross ported! The pewter Mary Jane, not the suede ones.

tethersend Sun 13-Dec-15 19:42:17

These are a bargain

I think silver will be a bit too much with the leopardprint collar and fur sleeves. You don't want the shoes to rule the outfit IYSWIM.

tethersend Sun 13-Dec-15 19:50:59

If you must have sparkly, something like these would work.

Donthate Sun 13-Dec-15 19:54:18

Thanks. I have some very similar to the last pair. Will try them on with the dress and decide

Talisin Sun 13-Dec-15 19:55:24

I have the Next pewter mary janes in wide fitting. They are nice but really not wide fitting at all so suspect the regular size ones would be very narrow indeed.

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