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forgotten designer's name: does this mean anything to anyone?

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SelfLoathing Sun 13-Dec-15 14:00:20

Some time ago on here a link was posted to a women's clothes designer/retailer in connection with women's tops (I think it was about dressy/going out tops).

They had a fair few of those jumpers with the fake collars.

It wasn't anyone I'd heard of before and was sort of mid-range pricing. I think it was two words (like Mint Velvet but not mint velvet) and called something orange or something that sounded like orange.

I've tried searching for it on here and can't find it. Does that mean anything to anyone?

EmilyPunkhurst Sun 13-Dec-15 14:26:10

Banana Republic? (Not orange but fruity!) grin

SelfLoathing Sun 13-Dec-15 14:42:38

LOL. No - everyone's heard of banana republic!

It wasn't high street and not v. mainstream - sort of like Baujken or me+em type catalogue type.

It wasn't a brand I'd ever heard of.

Bluecheese22 Sun 13-Dec-15 17:06:38

Boss Orange?
Olive & Orange?

BrendaandEddie Sun 13-Dec-15 17:17:03

oh i know
I cant remember - isnt it ME and em

BrendaandEddie Sun 13-Dec-15 17:17:50

BrendaandEddie Sun 13-Dec-15 17:19:35

Home of the depressive art teacher - Laganlook

maybemyrtle Sun 13-Dec-15 18:26:46

& Other Stories?
Bimba y Lola?

SelfLoathing Sun 13-Dec-15 18:58:30

Thanks for your help. After continued obsessive searching on here, I worked out the answer.

It was ... wait for it...

Apricot admittedly not very much like an orange but you can see where I was going with it

Bluecheese22 Mon 14-Dec-15 18:21:47

At least it's a round fruit!

SelfLoathing Tue 15-Dec-15 16:00:28

LOL @ bluecheese22 and a pale orange one at that!

Has anyone bought from Apricot? What is their quality like? How long do garments last? Look and feel?

pottymummy Tue 15-Dec-15 16:15:36

Apricot tend to have concessions in department stores. Average quality. nothing special. Cheap fabrics a lot of the time, but nice designs.

maybemyrtle Tue 15-Dec-15 17:17:01

I'm sure I've seen their stuff in New Look...

Bluecheese22 Wed 16-Dec-15 12:34:04

I quite like there stuff actually. They do pretty prints and nice dresses. Quality is on par with Dorothy Perkins/New Look/H&M. Always worth a look in my opinion. They often do different styles in the same print which I like as I often find a print I like in a style I hate.

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