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Wedding dress code - help!

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trilbydoll Sun 13-Dec-15 10:51:31

We've had a wedding invitation for one of DH's uni mates. I am SO excited, PIL say they'll have the dc for the weekend. However, my excitement was quickly replaced by what to wear stress!

The invite says tails and Edwardian mid length are welcome, lounge suit as a minimum. He's military so I'm expecting a lot of uniform as well. But what does this mean for girls? Am I okay in my usual knee length cocktail dress that I generally wear for weddings or am I meant to go long?

Also the invite was tied with a purple ribbon, I can't take the risk of wearing a purple dress can I?

Seeyounearertime Sun 13-Dec-15 11:12:45

Sounds like they're going for a themed wedding. Edwardian Dresses are a bit foofy Imo, (is foofy a word?)
Google Edwardian Dresses, if you haven't smile

Here's a lounge suit guide.

Dowser Sun 13-Dec-15 11:26:29

Sounds lovely. Can I come?
I do hope you are meant to wear edwardiandress. What a brilliant idea.

Dowser Sun 13-Dec-15 11:30:21

Love these vintage shoes

trilbydoll Sun 13-Dec-15 17:53:25

Oh my life <faints> I hadn't even considered that for me! I can't carry off vintage, no way. I can barely carry off anything more dressy than jeans. Maybe I should join the military, then I'll have a dress uniform, problem solved grin

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